Monday, August 25, 2008

A Merit Badge In Swaddling

I'm discovering as my sprog (I learned a new word today) grows up past the 2 week mark, that parenthood must be inversely related to blogging. Or sending out pictures. Or doing much if anything. So the blog is still devoid of pictures and video of my very handsome progeny. But not for long! Probably.

Jack has rebounded from his very questionable crash diet and is now putting on weight nicely. He's eating a ton, and going through Pampers like water. The sheer number of tiny clothes and swaddling blankets we had before he arrived seemed ridiculous. Over the top. But this child goes through more laundry than a grown person. I must have missed this in the briefing. But he's a good, calm kid, with a very laid-back spirit. I like him already.

Melanie & Bebe (the Queen Mum) have taken one for the team by sleeping upstairs occasionally with the Captain. There for a few weeks, I was getting enough migraines that I considered a long drop with a short stop.

All is well, and going along with the naval theme, I'd say we're in a following sea.

Oh, and an unpaid plug for the best book (okay, the only book) I've read on neo-fatherhood: Be Prepared: A Practical Handbook for New Dads. You know the old Cub Scout manuals you used to dig through for merit badge ideas? They strangely illustrated knot-tying in black and white and maybe one or two unnatural colors, with everyone dressed in plaid? This is a very helpful parody of those, only sorry to say, no merit badges. Read it and be ye illuminated!

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