Monday, September 22, 2008


Marooned here some six days now, amongst the storm's rubble. The Captain and Her Majesty are anchored in Mobile Bay at last word. I returned to Houston to assess the damage and salvage what I could on Wednesday the 17th. About half of the first floor had been soaked in water, with most items in the master bedroom still drenched (and pretty stinky). So much for the curled deck planks (kicking ourselves for not heeding the Captain's suggestion to use only teak). All the wet bedclothes, rugs, mattress, books, papers, blankets, throws, pillows, pictureframes, et cetera went into the yard to add some redneck appeal to the place. It was pretty swanky.

It was hard work under the infernal tropical sun, and I developed an ague which has plagued me ever since. On Saturday the Top Brass showed up and my dad even brought his big Stihl with the logging bar (that's [STEEL] for the lumberjack newbies out there). Mom swabbed the decking, which was pretty gross by that time, with loads of Pine Sol. Fun all around!

There was minimal damage to the second floor, apart from the shattered sheetrock from the impact of the pine. Thankfully Cap'n Jack's quarters are pristine. Boy, would he be cranky if that weren't the case (his Painter's Mate would probably be even moreso, since he just finished that room).

No insurance adjuster yet, and still no power. That flintlock with the one shot is looking pretty fine, now...

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