Monday, September 8, 2008

The Two Things

If you were raised in certain parts of Texas, there were two things: Church, and the Dallas Cowboys. Not to say that there weren't other subjects to dominate your time (my unnatural obsession with ice hockey comes to mind). But we're talking about institutions. Cultural touchstones. Things that everyone from bank presidents to 9 year-olds take part in equally, and with as much enthusiasm.

I'm proud to announce that Jack notched firsts in both, and all in one day. First he sailed over to church about five after ten, which isn't shabby for a four-week old. Mom got all his nice clothes on, about the baby equivalent of black-tie, and sensing this, Jack spit up all over them. We then strapped him in the car seat, a bit damp from the wet washcloth treatment from the spit up incident, and we were off to Memorial CofC. Getting a newborn into the car seat is fairly easy, you just pour them in, and strap their little NASCAR harness on. Getting them out is WAY more involved, and reminds me of handling a comatose octopus. Now I know what the rink operations dude for the Red Wings must feel like during playoff season.

Once in the pew, Jack immediately falls asleep, arms out rail-straight, and doesn't move for at least an hour. Not one whit. Insert humor about the effects of David's (very good) sermon here.

On to the secular part of our show, the Dallas Cowboys. I've been taking a lot of heat down here from Texans' fans for my particular football allegiance. This was a shock to me, since I was under the impression the Texans were an imaginary football team. I mean, who knew? Drawing particular ire has been the passing on of this affiliation to my son. Tough cookies, people, he's a Cowboys fan under Rule of Fandom #4, Inheritance of Team Affiliation from a Parent. Jack, although very pleased at the severe drumming of the Cleveland Browns, was pretty fussy during the game over a few dropped passes and an uncalled roughing the passer perpetrated upon Tony Romo, Jack's favorite Cowboy. Cowboys win 28-10, Romo with 320 YDS, 1 TD, 1 INT, Jack with 2 DD (Dirty Diapers), 2 SU (spit ups), 1 DF (duck fit).

This week Jack has ordered signal flags displayed thanking the following visitors on board: Nick and Teresa, Jason and Valerie, my work buddy Jim Konte and also Meredith and Rosemary. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone, as the Captain has threatened me with forty lashes if so.

Finishing out the week of firsts, Jack had his first bottle feeding (you shouldda heard THAT burp), and then hit the couch a lot with dad for first screenings of Star Wars, Dirty Harry, Apocalypse Now and Magnum Force, interspersed with speeches from the RNC. Hoo-ah!


Emily said...

I am certainly enjoying the comments from the father's perspective BUT I am a girl and I need to see pictures! Can we see a pic of the first Sunday outfit? :-)

El Comodoro said...

hmmmm. you gals are a demanding bunch. i PROMISE to post the sunday outfit promptly.

El Comodoro said...

Behold! Sunday outfit pic is posted at the bottom of the blog, as requested. And I've added slideshows at the top right so we can avoid the endless emailing of said slideshows.

It's a work in process around here, what can I say?