Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stormbraining. Brainstorming. Whatever.

I traveled back to Mobile on Friday past where I gave the Captain and Her Majesty a full and complete report of my activities and observations whilst marooned. They are well, and approved of my supervision of the tree removal at home port. They were, however, none too pleased with the lack of progress in procuring an insurance adjuster (neither was I, to tell you the truth).

Jack has grown! In the 10 days or so that I had been away he was a bit heftier than I remembered. He must have been dipping into the ship’s stores overmuch. Don’t tell him I said that. Really. I also heard this week that the Captain had made his first official foray in his new hansom. It'll have to work until we can acquire a Lipizzaner stallion. Uh, yeah. Anyway, Melanie paraded him around her parents' neighborhood to show the locals our fine example of infant humanity. Early reports are saying he enjoyed himself immensely, at least when he was conscious during the ride. It's so tiring to be master of all you survey.

Back to Houston on Monday. It was very tough leaving my newly-organized family behind, but somebody's got to line the coffers. I had a good long time on I-10 and a beautiful day to muse the national goings-on, and hit the Talk Radio circuit with gusto. In light of what I do for a living, it was a heckuva day. A $700 billion with a ‘buh’ bailout, a near 800-point drop in the Dow, LIBOR popping, the commercial paper market grinding to a halt, and a partridge in a pear tree.

If you aren’t a financial-type, and don’t know (or care to know) a yield curve from a yield sign, I hear ya. But what’s happening, I’ll have you know, is historic. So let's say you build houses. One day you drive up to a job site, and the guys have run out of nails. They need more. But you can’t get more. Actually, you discover that you’re fresh out of not only nails, but everything made of metal. Everyone is. The stores don't have it. It’s nowhere to be found. That’s what it was like Monday, on some level. An essential tool or resource, in this case credit, was scarce. Word of the day: spooky.

I continue to be amazed, and daunted, about how complex this world is. By extension, I wonder how to tell Jack about all that when it’s time. I was talking to someone recently that I think has great wisdom. I really don’t know them that well, but do I know enough to know when to shut up and listen to somebody that’s wiser than me. Do they understand every nuance of what’s going on in the world and why? Nope. But what I found astounding was that they understood enough about themselves that it didn't matter. Maybe that’s the answer: knowing just enough, and being at peace with that. On the other hand, I'm pretty darn sure this person knows a whole lot about their faith, about God, Jesus, and all them ‘postles. It's something to think about, in terms of parenting, anyway.

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