Monday, October 6, 2008

Running off the map

In days of yore, before all of this GPS foolishness, sailors would carry maps, sometimes hand-drawn ones, to help navigate the oceans as they knew them. There's an obvious problem here, if you happened to stray somewhere your map didn't illustrate. You sailed right off the edge, if you will. I'm sure this wasn't an everyday occurrence, but I'll bet it was significant when it did happen.

I've gone off the map, and gosh I feel low. Lost and adrift. Without a compass, to continue the analogy. I miss Melanie. I miss my JackBaby. I even miss smelly, shedding, neurotic First Mate Belle. In lieu of updated pictures, which I don't have, I post this one, courtesy of Jay's iPhone. Between this imposed-singleness, insurance hassles, remodeling, my day gig, and Townes Van Zandt songs, I'm not going to make it for long. That's it - I'm officially putting out the call! · · ·— — — · · ·— — — · · ·— — — · · ·— — — · · ·

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