Monday, November 24, 2008

Of Bilge Water and Franksgiving

A quick post this morning for all Captain Jack aficionados:

On Friday, yours truly took a half day at the Hard Labor Camp to ferry the skipper, Her Majesty, and first mate Belle (and their accoutrements, which filled about 175% of the cargo hold) over to the Port of Mobile by way of New Orleans in HMS Tahoe. JackBaby was a good sport for most of the ride, which, as is customary, was plagued with 5 knot traffic in no less than 4 spots. Don't get me started on the infernal French and their sticky marzipan hands crowding the sea lanes. The Cap'n, irritable by that time, was nigh on to lighting up the eight-inch guns to make a path through the rabble.

We arrived late to New Orleans, where I was hastily sent off to get changed into a full dress uniform for Uncle Jay's First Annual Bachelor Party. All of his very best people were there (of course), including brothers, cousins, friends, current and future in-laws, well wishers and hangers-on of all sorts and stripes. Meanwhile Her Majesty was trying to weasel out of the grim task of sailing Jack on to The Admiralty in Mobile by herself. It was a risky move, but I shoehorned her into it anyway. I'm told that Jack went all-in Hiroshima about 30 minutes out from port. Another instance of jerky E.C. dodging a major catastrophe.

I got the story last night of Jack springing a leak in church while Bebe was holding him. I reckon his stuffing box leaked and the bilge pumps somehow failed. Everything in sight ended up dripping wet. I'll bet the preacher was glad the pulpit was on higher ground. Jack's blatant disregard for church surroundings continues to concern me. I head back towards Port of Mobile on Wednesday to meet up with the family for Thanksgiving. Or Franksgiving, since we seem to be reliving the New Deal these days.

In local news, the renovation in Port of Houston is almost finished. Her Majesty and Jack were very pleased last night with the news of Home Port 2.0's new coat of super slime-resistant antifouling marine paint. We're now considering the title The House of Many Colors. Ask Melanie about the closets.

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