Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas is Important.

In lieu of getting some video and pics up for your perusal yesterday, El Comodoro was shocked, shocked to learn that he had amassed 93 GB of data on his 93-point-whatever GB hard drive. So no videos were uploaded, no pictures were scrubbed and posted. Sue me. The immense fun of archiving old, yet somehow important data to DVDs was had for about 3 wonderful hours. You're ticked. I'm tired. We're even.

Jackbaby had a terrible night last night. The Captain has gotten the sniffles and a little cough. Too much ruthless pillaging, not enough nap time, if you ask me. And not to be outdone, Her Majesty feels terrible, too. I always knew this day would come, and that I should blow town when it did. But I managed to resist the impulse, though, and tried to help out as much as possible. Which, OK, wasn't much at all, but you're not surprised by that. Neither am I.

I had the best Christmas in memory. The house wasn't (and isn't) completely unpacked, and was barely decorated, but we had ourselves a grand old time. And the feast. Wowwy, the feast. Her Majesty really excelled on this one. The only description I can give is Macedonian, since we did some basic Greek, with some curry. Alexander himself never ate so well. Oh, and the 2nd Annual Rhubarb Pie showed up. Serviceable, but I need practice.

The highlight of Christmas morning was Jack in his new Rainforest Jumperoo. I said in the past that the Baby Einstein Playmat is the nuclear option in baby pacification. I stand by that, but now clarify that the playmat is a nuclear option. It's the A-bomb (primitive yet effective) with the jumperoo being equivalent to the H-bomb (far more complex, and exponentially more powerful). So we set the Skipper in this thing, and the look on his face is just inexplicable. And hilarious. I think my comment was that he looked like he was doing integral calculus. And then the jumping started. And the lights. And the insane music. And the wheels-off animal noises. The kid looked like he was at a rave. I'm telling you, some quality video was captured. For at least AN HOUR he's partying like it's 1999. We get I think two more hour-long sessions in on Christmas Day, and we pour the exhausted baby into his crib. What a show.

I think we were pretty indifferent about, well, Christmas Past. It was nice, but it was just us. And First Mate Belle, of course. Now it's almost like the new found pressure makes it even more fun... knowing that some little person is depending on you to provide them with happy memories. Or at a minimum, non-traumatic ones! So I'm all-in next time. Dinners, decorations, the aforementioned Griswold-type illumination (pending approval from H.M.), you name it, yours truly is bringing serious game in 2009, LORD willing. And speaking of Him, I've rediscovered the significance of Christmas in a religious sense, something that, fascinatingly, isn't popular in some necks of the CofC woods. Without exploring that theological issue (you're welcome), I'll say simply thank God for the Lord Jesus and his appearing, that gives hope where there wasn't any! Gosh, I love Christmastime.

Really, 2008 has given some perspective on the importance of family traditions in general. As great as this country is (and it is phenomenally great, don't kid yourself with the now fashionable America-loathing), we're evolving into a country without traditions. Since no holiday seems especially important, nothing is really expected in celebration of it. I'm changing that insofar as I'm able. My family will know roughly what to expect on Christmas Day, on Thanksgiving and on the Fourth. Maybe a bland point for most, but try missing or almost missing a few big holidays. Not cool. We're still in negotiations on National Day of the Cowboy (July 26th) and Love Litigating Lawyers Day (August 31st).

The Top Brass came down on Friday/Saturday, and brought Captain Jack a haul of booty to line his coffers, along with First Mate Belle, back from shore leave! Jack loves his many new books especially, one of which even plays sounds from the Malay rainforest. I don't know if you've ever sailed near the Malay rainforest before, but there is some wacky stuff going down over there. I think some of los animales play brass instruments.

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