Monday, January 26, 2009

Hyperfluency and Media Bias

I've been told by the higher-ups that my endless reporting of the inconsequential around here is misleading, at best. In fact, it's been brought to my attention that a whole heckuva lot is going down around Home Port 2.0. So just pretend I was the NYT and forget about all that inaccurate jive reporting before. Witness the mighty doings of our ship's Captain, ye dogs:

Jack has his first tooth! It's right out front on the bottom, which I'm told is to be expected. The thing looks pretty lonely if you ask me. Maybe the next one is on its way via Tooth Fairy FedEx. When we tell everyone, and I mean everyone, about this, they usually respond with some variation of, "Teething?! Oh no!" But it's been a non-event to Mr. Jack. The kid is way tougher than his old man would be about getting new dental equipment, for sure.

Next, I have been directed to report that Jack attended his first playgroup. Now, some months back I would have been hard pressed to scratch up a definition of what a playgroup even was. I now believe it's something where moms bring their kids to show them off in new outfits and casually swap stories to basically confirm their child is "normal." Supposedly the word on the street is that Jack was the most verbal of the kids there (shocking). No doubt he'll take after me in being a blabbermouth. Melanie uses the term "hyperfluent." Yeah.

The skipper is rolling over occasionally, I guess when he gets the notion to do that. Jack now is officially superior to my fairly well trained English Setter, First Mate Belle. She never could get that trick. This guy? He figures it out on his own. That's genius, right there. He's slowly grasping (we think) some baby sign language. I had hoped his first language would be English, but I don't call the shots around here. We also introduced Jack to real, genuine (puréed) food yesterday. He ordered the galley to whip up some yellow squash pronto, and proceeded to make a darn good mess of it. It's unclear as to how much got eaten as food and how much got worn as clothing, but it was excellent fun anyway.

Ah, next on the list to tell you about are the new favorite toys du jour: (1) the Musical Fishbowl (it's hard to explain, click the link) and (2) Cousin Kelly's neato seahorse is really popular these days as well (Kelly: "I like sea creatures.") So does Jack.

We sailed lazily over to church last night for Jack to go forward about spitting up on me three (!) times in about 12 seconds. I very nearly drowned. Rather than stay on task, however, he decides he wants to participate in the song service. And then he yammers on during the lesson. And the prayers. And the scripture reading. Both of them. Finally he gets bored with all that, gets a teething toy and works on it like there's no tomorrow. Looked like John Popper on a harmonica. Or a starving man with a slice of watermelon... Pick your own analogy. I feel bad that Jack distracted the folks behind us, but they didn't seem to mind since they were laughing hysterically. What a bad kid.

Had dinner with our very good People the McIntoshes on Saturday night. Jack was fascinated by the parents ineptly trying their hand at Wii Tennis. Oh, and to our amazement at dinner, Jack just grabs his bottle from Valerie and starts chugging it, holding it in two hands with a death grip. When you reach a certain age in life, sometimes you've just got to do things for yourself.


Courtney said...

Hi :) I found your blog through your profile on Facebook!! And yes, I agree with your assessment of play group time. It is definitely more for me than Jack - and I love it :) It is the day of the week that keeps me sane (for the most part). Your sweet boy is precious - I'm glad you, Melanie and little man made it last night!

El Comodoro said...

Hey Courtney, thanks a bunch and welcome to CJMP. And thanks for letting Jack abuse the daylights out of your couch last night...

El Comodoro said...

Oh and Courtney, your blog is seriously uber-righteous. I've linked to it and am going to do my best to rip off every great idea I can before I'm stopped!

Courtney said...

Yay! I'm glad you like it... its a work in progress as I am trying to figure everything out - I'm not what one would call "technologically inclined". And don't worry about the couch - he rebounded nicely from last night and our Jack happily decorated him some more this morning :)