Monday, February 23, 2009

All the Brothers Now

Top o' the morning to ya, ye dogs! Your humble correspondent's brains are a bit sloshed around from his late night hockey game, so if any of this is nonsensical gibberish, just cook up your own witty copy to fill in the gaps.

Cap'n Jack sailed over to the east side of Port of Houston to attend the Fifth Ward Church of Christ last night. It's your standard swap deal where they come to Memorial CofC one week, and we go over there the next. I can honestly tell you, I have heard no finer congre-singing probably in my entire life (including Harding U Chapel where everyone is heavily caffeinated). My brothers and sisters at 5W can sing. They do not mess around, which is very much appreciated by this blog. Jack LOVED it. About halfway through "Amen" he looks at me with this look that asks, "Where ARE we?! I thought I just came from here!"

Signal flags of thanks are ordered on display this week for the Top Brass and our friends Nick and Teresa (and Lyla) who all showed up at Home Port 2.0 recently. As Melanie's Uncle (and my official Main Man) Kenni would say, Habatcha!

The Skip graduated to Pumpkin 101 this week, and everything is spattered with orange material. Everything. First Mate Belle is now re-registering as an Orange Belton.


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Donna said...

That boy of yours is certainly a looker! I'm so glad you are all doing so well- the family pic is PRECIOUS!