Monday, February 9, 2009

One tooth! AH AH AH! TWO teeth! AH AH AH!

The Captain couldn't be satisfied with just one tooth aboard. There had to be two. And the crew is suffering for it.

A few nights back, the skipper decided to be present at EVERY night watch aboard, for a total of FIVE. If he couldn't sleep, why should we? Going back towards newborn territory is not what the crew expected or is currently capable of. We've grown soft. So soft, in fact, that we considered looking the kid over for a return address.

When a less than restful night is over, happy Jack is up smiling and... screaming. Not really an angry scream, but more of a DID I MENTION MY TEETH HURT? kind of yell. It's nice. And not irritating at all.

Had dinner on Friday with my K-thru-12 Grand Saline amigo Stephen and his wonderful wife Jennifer (who runs a righteous blog). I think we figured it had been 12 or 13 years since we'd last seen each other. I'm amazed at how much water has gone under the bridge since then, and also how people that got along years ago still do. Anyway, Stephen pitched a few whole beeves on the barbie with the aid of a hydraulic pulley used for yanking motors and we dined in some major style (thanks, guys!). The non-observant crew yammered away without looking at their hourglasses until a quarter to eleven o'clock. Jack? Still playing and wide-world-of-sports awake. I think we doused the lamps and finally got him off to sleep in his cabin at midnight. Ouch.

Jack is rolling over at-will now (flipping like a pancake is a better description). He can frequently be found 6 or 8 feet from where we left him sucking on the brand-new hardwood floor (mmm... oak!) and making all kinds of inappropriate noises. He just started pulling his knees up under him, and yours truly has been ordered by Her Majesty to begin childproofing operations on Home Port 2.0 before he goes mobile. Yes, I now have to ensure that little fingers can't get into electrical outlets (or, say, put screwdrivers in them for instance) and that they have no access to all sorts of scary poisonous and way-more-caustic-than-necessary chemicals that abound in the ship's stores. On second thought, this will probably protect me as much as my boy. Frightening.

Will post pictures when I'm able. E.C. fell out of his hammock late this morning and no uploading got done.


Jennifer said...

Congrats on the new tooth! We had a great time with y'all Friday and hope to do it again soon...not 12 years from now!

El Comodoro said...

Hey, likewise! And thanks for putting up with us, and dinner was awesome. Yes, definitely will do that again well before 2021.

Linda said...

If you find the location of the return label, please fill me in on the secret location! ;o) Good luck with the next set of teethers!

Courtney said...

Yay for teeth! We had to put covers on the light sockets the other day... our Jack keeps trying to put his fingers in them every time he's near... not a good thing!! I've been telling Justin too that its time to baby proof everything!