Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Wearing of the Green

Saint Patrick's Day was this week, right? Jack has this KISS ME I'M IRISH onesie. By the way, this just shocked the living daylights out of me. Her Majesty does not normally roll with the catchy phrase baby-garb. But I thought "Oho! Ye be so young, yet thou art so seasonally appropriate. Wayest to go, thou righteous kid" (we sailor-types really lay it on thick like that. It's for the ladies.)

Alas, it was not to be, though. Right before the big day, the skipper had a monumental diaper blowout while wearing it, nearly destroying himself, the onesie and a nearby parking meter. We think it was a botched trial-run on another target. Made me remember that Tommy Lee Jones movie Blown Away where he sports the fake Irish accent (he's chronically Texan) and detonates everything imaginable during the wall-to-wall U2 soundtrack. Loved it back in the day, but it's probably a marginal flick, right? Somebody update my decades-old movie info. Really, I'm curious on this one.
But, as you can see from the pic, Jack found other ways to wear the green. Mmmm, broccolicious. Oh - Almost slipped my mind - behold ye the newest picture album link at right, ye scalawags!

In any case, the Cap'n wasn't finished and decided to detonate himself during church this morning, on what we think was his real target: the poor gals in the church nursery. According to initial reports, Jack yelled Tiocfaidh ár lá and let loose. Took the whole staff to clean him up. We had no idea his politics were so radical. We're investigating. One of the survivors told Melanie, "He'll never have one like that again."

I can't remember much of the week, really. It probably has something to do with with some sort of psycho-defensive mumbo jumbo. So we're doing the annual audit down at the cinnabar mines where you count how much pretty but extremely neurotoxic ore was mined, how many workers succumbed to the conditions, you know, the usual. Wasn't fun.

The finer than fine weekend aboard ship consisted of bouts of enjoying the PRISTINE Is-this-San-Diego-or-what? weather, entertaining Jack, enjoying the unbelievably PRISTINE weather, watching some Godfather which was inescapably looped on AMC, church and all that entails, entertaining Jack, some sitting on the porchswing to get out in the PRISTINE weather, church, and I think even more Godfather (Part II this time) on the new (color) TV set. No doubt some of you had similar experiences. We're savoring all this Springtime for when it's time to pay the piper in July/August. Yuck.

Some pictures of the high times over at the Admiralty:

And the promised pics of the Sleeperoo Incident from a few weeks back (sorry):

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