Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blatant Tugboat Fraud!

As I was straining bits of cereal out of the 1% this morning, I was also straining the old gray matter for what to post about.

Touchdown Jesus. It's gotta be Touchdown Jesus. No, I'm not trying to be sacrilegious... Lemme 'splain: Since we really have no other entertainment to speak of, we thought it would be funny to teach Jack the ubiquitous "SO BIG" trick yesterday.

For the uninitiated, you ask your child in a big funny voice, "How big is Insert Name Here?!" And they're supposed to respond with their little arms raised in a touchdown pose and everyone goes SOOOOO BIG!!!!! Simple, right? OK. So we do it a few times sitting in the ship's library and it really does nothing but bore the Captain. He doesn't cotton to stupid human tricks and is generally above the crew's love for low humor (especially puns).

Fast forward to 6:27 PM at church. Guess who decides to play SO BIG with the entire rear half of the church? That's right. In between putting the serious moves on the nice lady behind us (again), the hands would go flying straight up at some very inopportune moment. So that's what made me think of the huge mural in Notre Dame Stadium, the so-called Touchdown Jesus. Jack also couldn't stand being left out of the song service, and belted out a few earth shattering notes of his own. I'll give the child the "E" for effort. And an "L" for loud.

The skipper is increasingly hard to handle lately, and is so wriggly that we're thinking about entering him into a calf scramble (as the calf). The kid looks like he's breakdancing as you just try to hang on to an arm or a leg or an ear. Wild and free, that's clearly his native state.

As you'll notice from the picture above, the Captain has uhh, acquired yet another ship (don't ask). Er, it's a tugboat, really. Jack has a blast in it, especially beeping the goofy horn. The Skip really thought he'd made a nice addition to the fleet with this one. But what totally threw water on the whole thing was finding the huge warning cast on the hull: CAUTION - NOT TO BE USED IN WATER. What a ripoff.

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Anonymous said...

Doncha hate it when the newest aquisition comes with a disclaimer?? Looks like he likes it nevertheless.And the backyard chuckles are a hoot.