Sunday, May 10, 2009

Caught Red Handed!

I might have been involved. And it might have been a very earnest but doomed attempt at a Mother's Day present. Maybe. It also might have involved permanent ink. Oh, I didn't know it was permanent. I did know that it was NON-TOXIC which was the only real stipulation that I had in my head.

Yes, the F5 tornado of thought that is my noggin must have pitched that little bit of data right out with the Holstein and the tractor flying through the greenish air.

EC: "Promise you won't get mad."
HM: "What? I'm not promising anything. What happened?"
EC: "Promise you won't be mad."
HM: "Why would I promise something like that?"
EC: "Because I'm not coming downstairs until I get my promise. We'll just live up here."

Boy I am dumb. Well meaning, yes. But duuuuumb. And my child basically got a tattoo that says "I HAVE AN IDIOT FOR A FATHER" right before a Monday wellbaby checkup with The Tigress. I clearly am insane. And I have to leave the country immediately.

On to other (arguably) less stupid things in the tornadic brain activity. I am amazed this week with how rapidly different paths present themselves. To call up the timeworn, most overused and most over-quoted poem of the 20th century (that I can think of right this minute), two roads diverged in a wood, Mr. Frost said.

To me, the really interesting part of that poem is what went on right before the traveler comes to the fork. Whatever was done, whatever was prepared for, whatever was anticipated before that moment was of critical importance when the branch presented itself. So this week I just find it amazing that we prepare (or not) for the unknown, and then suddenly it's known. We can't calculate what's ahead, but there's value in trying to be ready. Maybe we're on the cusp of some unknown good. And maybe it's unknown bad. But we try to be ready anyway.

To shamelessly rip off a great story from another, far more eminent daddy-blogger, Busy Dad tells the story of talking to a Muay Thai fighter that just won a huge title match on literally one day's notice. As he was congratulating the guy, the winner said simply that he tries to train every day as if he'll get a call about a career-changing fight for the next day. No time, no forethought. He decided he would be ready for the unlikely, and he was.

So back to Jack and we, his loyal minions. I want to be doing the little things in life, the little disciplines, to prepare us for the big things headed our way. But hopefully those won't include having to rumble with a kickboxer.


Donna said...

I'm laughing out loud. It's a good-thinking father (tornado-brain or not) that remembers to do something personal and special for mother's day- I'm sure she loved her personalized gift and babyhand.

El Comodoro said...

Well, you see... the thing is... The "gift," (I use the term loosely) is still er, "in process."