Monday, May 4, 2009

Kaizen Suggestion Box

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm
One of the wisest things ever said over a kitchen table was from Her Majesty's Uncle Jesse (think Einstein with a goatee and a great Tennessee drawl). He shared the following from a book somewhere: "We're not really sure who discovered water, but we're pretty sure it wasn't the fish."

Suggestion (In)Box
So in that vein, what have I missed? I have certainly not posted about something important. I've skipped an entire subject somewhere. But, like the fish, I'm too close to the whole situation, and just can't see it. So in the interest of kaizen, or continuous improvement (thank you Professor Reely!), I'm looking for input. Now, the last time I asked for input, feedback, questions, topic suggestions, whatever, it didn't go well. But I still have completely unfounded, irrational, sure-to-be-dashed faith in Jack's readership. The skipper's email/suggestion box is listed on the right. So have at you, ye scalawags!

Captain Crankypants Cowers Crew
Ooooh el Capitan has been CRANKY of late. He was sporting a ridiculously snotty nose this weekend (a boatswain's mate has already been lashed half to death for an ill-advised swine flu joke, so ixnay the inesway uflay comments). Nothing the crew did this weekend was satisfactory. Jack's hammock was swaying too much. The deck wasn't swabbed with the grain. The cannon didn't have the appropriate oily shine. The jibs weren't furled tightly about the bowsprit. The new tug even capsized, spilling the head honcho and his trusty stuffed robot out like so many Tour de France crash victims. It wasn't pretty. And the infectious, snotty, open-mouth, retributive kisses he tried to plaster the crew with weren't either. Yuck.

You Say 'Goodbye' and I Say 'Hello'
We have figured out waving! Yep, waving halloo, waving goodbye, waving to First Mate Belle when she's on Squirrel Safari in the front yard, you name it. OK, now picture Jack waving goodbye. See what I did there? Word pictures, people. Word pictures.

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