Monday, June 29, 2009

Jack will PUMP YOU UP!

This will have to be quick. Down at the Cinnabar Mines, people are succumbing to the toxic red ore in droves lately, and E.C. has to be there to pick up the increasing slack. And boy howdy there's a lotta slack.

I'll take '19th Century English' for $800
The crew sailed ourselves up to Fruitvale this weekend, and a great time was had by all (especially First Mate Belle, who's heart almost exploded from running around like a fool in 102 degree heat*). The more sensible part of the crew hung out inside drinking lemonade and watching this dude from the Angels end up going all the way 'round off a bunt.

It was great to get up there to see the fam and hear again just how incredibly loud 'quiet' can be. Feeling the serrated edges of corn leaves and walking under the herby-smelling chinaberry trees really took me back. Popping off my new 9mm pistola didn't hurt, either.

I have an arcane reference from the Old South for you! My Dad was telling me that his Dad had all these crazy colloquialisms that came from northern Alabama (they blew town in 1888 and ended up in Van Zandt County, TX).

So they were farmers, right? They would lay their crops down, and would do all they could to ensure a good harvest. But of course, at some point you can't do anymore, and have to put the harvest in the LORD's hands. Anyway, at the end of the row, after you were finished working, what you would do is take your hat off and wave it at the row with a flourish. So my grandfather's phrase was that he was "waving his hat" at something, meaning I suppose that the situation was in the LORD's hands. I'm waving my hat at a LOT of stuff nowadays.

"I Like You. That's Why I'm Going to Kill You Last."
I was lashed severely last week for neglecting to report this:

Jack's got a great new trick, if you can get him to do it. "Show us your muscles" gets Jack's arms extended out front, flexing, and this pained look on his (very red) face. We're also teaching him how to smoke a cigar, fire a 50-cal, say "Kali-FORN-ee-ah" and run a massive budget deficit.

*Mental note: Sprinting during a heatwave wearing a fur coat isn't smart.

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