Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MIDWEEKER: All Cropped Out

We had the ever-so-salty crew's picture made! We had to stand motionless for about 30 seconds while the Daguerreotype set up. What a beating.

But we got some GREAT shots of the Captain and Her Majesty. E.C.'s face is mercifully being cropped out and replaced with a reasonable facsimile: Elmo's face. Trust me, that was a better option than preserving my hypertoothiness for posterity.

The Skipper had himself some crazy hair. There was talk of some revolutionaries acting up in the remote provinces near Jack's whorl. Majesty had washed his hair. Dunked it in the sink. Combed it. Brushed it. Re-dunked it. Daubed product on it. Threatened it with an air strike. She filed a civil suit. You name it.

Things got so crazy in fact that H.M. actually broke out the 2008 RNC Piper Palin move. If you didn't catch that, Piper Palin, daughter of the much loved/maligned Sarah, sees the new baby's hair sticking up. On national TV, she licks her hand from palm to fingertip, and plasters down the baby's hair with it. It worked then, ladies and gentlemen, and it worked today. OK, supplemented with a little hairspray.

I. The photog picked up Jack to move him off of a sofa. The SOFA that the kid was clinging to lifted off the floor with him. The sofa wasn't light. We're checking his baby food for HGH.
II. Our crazy bonnet-wearing tattooed photogs were great. We loves us some unique people.
III. I tried to house-swap with the studio folks. Didn't go for it.
IV. You know it's bad when you're the one that has to be "repositioned" like 9 times. Ouch. It's the photographical equivalent of saying, "You look funny. And you're screwing up my picture."

Next time I'm hiring a stunt dad.

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Anonymous said...

I am getting major mid-week chuckles out of this installment!