Monday, July 6, 2009

Wildlife is Delicious!

I ran off (R-U-N-N-O-F-T) this morning without a darn picture to post. My bad. Is this blog poorly run or what?! If you're surprised, you must be new around here.

Majesty had the very bright idea of taking the progeny over to the Aquarium this weekend. It was a bit too amusement parky for the pater familias, but the crew is taking what it can get these days.

We sauntered the very sleepy Jack around the 999.6 million gallon tanks and got some fine pictures. The ones that I forgot. Yeah. The odd thing about aquariums is that just about everything on display tastes great. Yellowfin tuna? Delicious. Shark? Great chargrilled. Sea turtles? Dunno, but most turtles make wicked awesome soup. Alligators, crawfish*, and snakes? All great fried, served with half a bottle of Tabasco. I'm also pretty sure the menacing, butt-ugly moray eel would be fantastic rolled in some sticky rice and blue grade nori.

The one thing I didn't expect to see at an aquarium was a WHITE TIGER. Two, in fact. I was under the impression that aquariums weren't included in thier natural habitat, but fact check me on that.

The tigers aside, next time around I'm bringing chopsticks and some hot sauce.
*Yes, there was a crawfish ("crayfish") exhibit. Pretty weak, in my opinion, but city kids have to be educated about Cajun food somehow.

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