Monday, August 10, 2009

Ramble On

I've Been This Way Ten Years to the Day
I'm supposed to write something snappy about Jack's 1st birthday. That's today, if you're scoring along at home. But the AK-47 banana clip of ideas is empty. Yours truly feels yucky. So the synapses are struggling to fire at all this morning.

But your correspondent of years past was in there, kicking it, and writing with evil glee. For example:
I'm missing so much, but I'm seeing so much, too. I can never hope to record all the things I have seen, touched, heard, or smelled. Or tasted. This journal* only gives me a framework, I guess. And a framework for my kids or whoever finds it on some dusty shelf. I can only hope to have explained myself well.
I wrote those words 10 years ago this morning. And I had to smile at the odd subject choice for a 22 year old, and at what would happen precisely 9 years afterwards. That I'm having to dip that far back into the recesses of unimportant history is really a testament to what the last year has been. Exhausting. And so, so very fast. Jack's life, to me, seems just spectacularly fast.

And yet I can't imagine things any another way. We are truly blessed. Blessed with a wonderful life, even with its frustrations, and blessed with one of the most curious and kind little souls I've run across in my time. But I'm biased. I know that.

But to give you some objectivity, yesterday we found out that the curious and kind little soul had tottered up and taken two other kids' pacifiers during class. One of them twice. Hmmm. It is a bit early to be turning into the cradle roll bully. I'm worried that Bugsy Siegal and Machine Gun Kelly started out the same way. I told someone that my real concern now was how long it'll take Jack to outwit me. The more I think about that, the shorter the time period gets.

And Tho' Our Health We Drank a Thousand Times /
Its Time to Ramble On
Happy birthday, JackBaby. I love you more than my life. And I hear your mother is pretty fond of you, too. Many happy returns, kid.

Speaking of happy returns, Mr. Uncle Blake is repatriating his bedraggled, long-haired, neohippie vagabond self back to Los Estados Unidos this week. We're actually doing a waterfall start to Jack's birthday festivities, with just about every member of the family slowly trickling into Port of Houston until Saturday. Those that survive until the actual festivities will truly earn their BBQ sandwiches and lemonade. And they'll be able to watch the skipper demolish a cupcake of gargantuan proportions. Baked Goods + Toddler Bent on Destruction = Quality Entertainment.

Oh, and I realize that the non-Led Zeppelin fans might be a little lost on this post, but I've embedded the appropriate song below (I think). So have a listen and be ye enlightened.

*You should know that I'm one of those sickos that writes when they travel. So when everyone else is over Greenland, dunking Tylenol PM with their itty bitty bottles or watching Jingle all the Way, I'm writing. It's a little manic.

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Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

Just a tip for the party...when it gets to cupcake time, strip him to his diaper before putting him in his chair. And put a big old plastic garbage bag down under the chair. That way one of you can clean up the mess hall and the other can put The Captain straight in the bath. Then he'll be refreshed and ready to continue receiving guests. And less sticky too.

El Comodoro said...

I thought the trashbag was for him. Y'know, like a tacky toga.

Anonymous said...

I second Jessica's suggestion fancy clothes removal before the cupcake festivities. It'll save some much looking around and saying 'what do we do next!" Happy Birthday, sweet baby Jack!!

Anonymous said...

In addition to stripping the Captain down; if the festivities of cake are conducted outside, not only can Home Port 2.0 be kept cleaner, but a kiddie pool can be ready and waiting for a quick clean off of the Captain -- devour, dunk; redress; continue to party!!!