Monday, September 28, 2009

Please Stand By

El Comodoro, Ladies and Gentlemen, has been sitting at the Cinnabar Mines tweedling his thumbs, drinking dodgy-tasting coffee and reading George Will's* latest column, hard copy. More after the jump.

OK, we're back. The A/C in our usually polar server room blew a sprocket over the weekend, so for a few hours this morning I was reduced to using a ribbon typewriter and buying War Bonds. It makes for somewhat difficult blogging, I can tell you. But that's not your problem, it be all mine, mon.

We went over to the Houston Children's Museum on Saturday. It was GREAT to get out of the house. And I've got to give some high praise to that place. It's awesome. The bottom floor's main attraction is "Kidtropolis," a city where there are kid-sized, Lysol-wiped versions of daily fixtures: a grocery store, a bank, city hall, the police station, a vet, a diner, whatever. I found it interesting that both the bank and city hall were deserted. There were no bankers or politicians-to-be in Kidtropolis that day. Probably all on biz trips to China or junkets to Maui, respectively.

Jack was still a bit too young for this particular flavor of crazy, so we headed up to the second floor, which is more tot-friendly. Squeezed into about the area of a tennis court, neato stuff is everywhere, including a get-inside truck with a working dashboard, a 3'x3' Lite-Brite with pegs the size of sidewalk chalk, ramps, big foam blocks, and toy car sets. It's like the Marine Corps built a boot camp obstacle course for the under-three crowd.

The Skip's favorite by a wide margin was the little working door that opens to a mirror**. Kudos to whoever thought up combining two of his favorite things: cabinetry and vanity. Jack trained his maniacal (and a little OCD) focus on opening and closing the door. I kid you not, we had to tear him away after probably 50 times. There was a line.

Don't have time to go into details, but The Masked Tooter strikes again (twice!) at church last night. Sheesh.

*Reading GW without a dictionary nearby is like gunfighting with a butter knife.

** The truck was also immensely popular, as you can see from the pics.


Jennifer Reinsch said...

His intent focus in the first car picture makes me think he is either headed for a life as a racecar (palindrome) driver or getaway car driver.

El Comodoro said...

I think I have to go with getaway car driver, I'm sorry to say.

Donna said...

So I'm guessing your installing a mirror in your lower kitchen cabinets? Tell Melanie the boy looks like HER! BEAUTIFUL!

El Comodoro said...

BOOOO! He's my clone. MINE!