Monday, September 7, 2009

Stairway to Heavin'

Labor Day. It's Jack's 1st 2nd official holiday. I can't for the life of me remember what we did last Labor Day, other than changing diapers, staring holes through our newborn, and absolutely not expecting a direct hit from the 3rd most costly hurricane in US history.

I got to play the role John Lennon so eloquently described as "househusband" today, while my sugar mama went and scraped up some legal tender. I think the Cap'n and I watched about 6 SportsCenturys and a Maria Bartiromo roundtable on the healthcare debate. Distillation: Walter Payton was the MAN.

Jack waived off his morning nap, and was in there pretty much throttling Barack the Bear when I barged in. Yep, the bear's name is Barack (Barry for short). Look, he ran as this polished centrist but went nutsy hard left as soon as he hit the nursery. There's nothing I can do. Betcha didn't know there are terms for teddy bears, huh? Just to keep things straight, the bear pictured above is Mr. Clancy, our boatswain. He runs a tight ship, and has great posture as you can see from the pic.

The wifey got home and since her back muscles were holding her spine at knifepoint, she decided to do that crazy hippie yoga, yo. I joined her. You heard me. I'm in negotiations with a nasty flareup of plantar fasciitis (think terrorism for your feet) and it's about all I can do on my aerobic day. Back off, dude.

The Skipper has been a funny guy lately, with my favorite being the one with Jack and the stairs. Unsupervised for a good solid 4 seconds, Majesty hears the trademark "No no no!" and turns to see Jack at the top of the stairs. I know, trust but verify. Fine. Here's proof he can go the distance:

Happy now?

Jack also packed it off to Friendship School this past week. It's like a pre-preschool. So if your kid flunks out here, they've got to go to preschool on a football scholarship. Although I still maintain the name makes us sound like Quakers. But that's cool. Jack LOVES it. He parades around in a wagon, waving at everyone that will look his way, and spent his first nap time (very much awake) trying to give sleeping kids his sippy cup. Y'know, I felt a little guilty unleashing him on those kind folks at the school.

And then the guilt passed and we did it anyway.


Jennifer Reinsch said...

Jack on the staircase is like marathon training. I'm impressed he can make it so quickly. Hope you guys had a great Labor Day.

El Comodoro said...

You too. I'm telling you, the kid has a toggle switch: it's either "on" or "off" with absolutely nothing in between.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but it's in the gene pool.Sounds like Labor Day 09 was great!

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of steps!! Good job, Captain!!!