Monday, November 16, 2009

An Ode to Respiration

I've got a big paper sack full of nothin' today.

I told a friend a few days ago that I didn't expect to tangle with the psilent "P" pso psoon (no, not psychotherapy, although there's persuasive evidence that's needed around here).  No, pneumonia was our phlegmy little problem this week.  And as you can see above, the Skipper got to smoke out on probably my favorite drug, albuterol.

When your lungs are en fuego, and you feel like you want to  cry like a little girl die, albuterol can resurrect.  So our hero ended up looking like an extra from the last 5 minutes of a Die Hard film.  As it happened, the little guy thought we were trying to murder him on the first few breathing treatments.  But after that, he was all smiles.  Not that you can tell from the (creatively) fish-faced mask he's sporting.

Oh yeah, throw in a double ear infection, too.  Y'know, I got some sass yesterday at church for using this term, rather than simply "ear infection".    Is there some other preferred term I'm not hip to, here?  Surely there's a more elegant way to say "an ear infection in each of my child's two ears rather than only one infection in one ear and not the other"?

Since the sprog's ears are all stopped up with candlewax and sawdust, he SHOUTS EVERYTHING.  AND IT'S LOUD.  And he's annoying us with his use of an ear trumpet.  It's weird.

Anyway,  Jack's been stir crazy all week.  When he's not trotting around in circles, he's sitting atop his mountain of toys, reading (see pic).  I'm calling it Mount Doom Mount Toy*.

I post this last pic for a few reasons.  First, the much-discussed Led Zeppelin shirt finally arrived from Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur or whereever.  And I'm insanely jealous.  Second, I think the shocked look is pretty indicative of what Jack thinks about our wacky brand of parenting.  As in, "Dad bought me WHAT?"  And last, behold the stunning amount of hair on this child.  I hear that the gals in the church nursery routinely put his hair up in a topknot, samurai style.

The kid's got bushido, so I'm fine with that.

*Incidentally, we keep having to turn away little people that want to destroy some sort of ring under it.


Jennifer Reinsch said...

Love the shirt! He is infinitely cooler than a lot of people I know simply by wearing that shirt. Glad to hear that Jack is getting better.

Anonymous said...

So glad Jack is getting better! He's been prayed for--ALOT! And I would be jealous of that mountain of toys too! It's what you have to resort to when you don't feel like keeping the cabinets empty. Love the mask also. You'd never know he almost abandoned ship over it!

Jessica said...

Our mask is a purple dragon. It's like trying to pin down an octopus to get him to put it on...a screaming octopus.

Anonymous said...

ya. who would of ever guessed that a 2 year old could successfully fight of a 220 pound man while safely buckeled into his high chair. Kids are amazingly stong and wiggly when they dont want those masks on! I even went as far as to put the mask on myself (which I may or may not have liked the albueterol) so that my lil'un could see that it was ok. It was 'funny' while dad did it, but you would have thought I was cutting his hands off with a dull butter knife when I tried to get it back on him. I guess the positive thing is that the more they scream, the more meds they suck in!

Morgan.. dude just wait until you see the manuevering that takes place to avoid a good spanking! I've developed a move that makes Ric Flair's Figure 4 leg lock look like a stroll in the park! Now that I have the finishing move all worked out, all I need to do now is hit the roids and call Vince McMahon.

Donna said...

Oh my goodness- I'm so sorry you had to have a scare like pneumonia! Glad he's on the mend, but that coupled with ear infections would be TOUGH!!! Might turn you into a "drunken sailor".