Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Achtung! Schnee!

Love In the Time of Cholera

If you've got a weak stomach, turn back now.  You'll need to Lysol your PC after even reading this post.  We've been sick.  Yes, again.  The entire crew was sloppy sick with the cholera, the malaria, the yellow fever, the boxer's knuckle, the grippe, the turf toe and the ague.  All at once.  Thar be vomit on the sails.  Thar be poopy on the poop deck.  OH, THE HUMANITY!  And everyone's drawing straws as to who's going to have to swab out the head.

Our bacterial cruelty knows no bounds; we even got the Babysitter's Mate sick.  On Monday, I had the distinction of being the only adult that could walk, so I got to weakly drone, "No Jack.  Get down from there.  You're going to fall.  Don't touch the stove.  Don't climb on it either.  Why do you have to unplug the tree?  Why do you hate Christmas?!"  He didn't feel that great, either.  After turning his nose upward at sequential dinner choices of (a) Jell-O, (b) Yogurt, (c) Toast, and perennial favorite (d) Scrambled Eggs, he went for (e) None of the Above.  I gave up and tossed the kid in bed after administering some milk.  He slept all night.  I did too.  So no blogging done that day.  But we did get in screenings of The Jungle Book and Live Free or Die Hard.  Sue me.  Oh, you should see Jack when the Elephant Patrol shows up.  He swings his arm up in the air like a trunk.  It's a riot. 

And I don't have pictures of us this week.  Because you don't want to see us.  No, really.  Going to try to spruce up this place with some much needed pics and video during my time off before heading to Greener Pastures Capital.

Achtung!  Schnee!
Thanks to my old high school buddy Lance, my itsty-bitsy German vocabulary includes the phrase, "Achtung! Schnee!"  I'm told it means, "Attention!  Snow!"  Which isn't terribly useful, but it does come in handy in those situations where you need to alert people to, y'know, snow.  And holy yellow snow, Batman, it actually came in handy in Houston last week!  Get a load of this action:

That's REAL SNOW falling, friends and neighbors.  Honest!  I can't tell you how many dozens of tropical plants are dying in this picture.  But it's a lot.  Oh, I heard that it's the first time that measurable snowfall has been recorded in Port of Houston in consecutive years.

It's that darn global warming, that's what it is.


Anonymous said...

The snow is unbelievable! I can remember a time when 4 people in the house had the kind of ague you just described. It's just hard to think of anything worse.Hope everyone is on the mend. And infecting the babysitter! That takes talent. If you're going to do something, may as well do it right!!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Hope you guys get to feeling better.