Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mobile in Mobile

We're blogging on location here in Mobile, AL today.  Habatcha.  But our presence is entirely inconsequential, since everyone's completely focused on the big title game between Alabama and Texas.  I told my in-laws that my head is about to explode trying to figure out the rooting rules (e.g. Supporting a Texas team is usually mandatory versus out-of-state opponents).  They responded threateningly with, "You know where your loyalty lies."  The discussion kinda fizzled after that.  A real headline from the Mobile Press-Register yesterday:

Favorite hats?  Special chairs?  Houndstooth panties?  What's your Bama ritual?*
This is serious.

I continue my (temporary) unemployment, proving every single day that I'm worthless without a schedule.  I've been trying to rest my fuzzy brain and blind eyes from these infernal compuscreens.  So no post Monday.  I'm nigh on to abandoning the 'official' Monday posting schedule, since I've blown through those for 3 or 4 weeks.  I know nothing of the news, have no real bones to pick, and have little to post about.  But on to the crumbs I do have.

We continue to buy every set of baby clothes in sight, since Jack seems to literally outgrow everything in a single week.  Our last foray to the store lasted us for about a month.  Really.  He's talking a TON, with new words coming from everywhere.  He displays all sorts of new talents, some of which we've taught him, some of which we can only wonder at the origins of.  Was that proper anglais?  Probably ain't.  Twasn't.  Anyway, I get up there one morning, and Jack starts flapping his fingers, thumbs interlocked, hands crossed...  like a butterfly.  There's just no telling.

As with all little kids, the frightening malleability of Jack's mind is shocking.  I was carrying him one day, and well, I spit.  I spit, alright?  Immediately, I hear the little sponge on my arm going "Puh!  Puh!  Puh!"  I shudder at all the little bad habits of mine that will come to light over the next few years.  Like I've noted before, parenting seems to be the most potent of motivations.  Motivation for improving oneself.  Motivation for improving the relationship between hubby and wifey-wife.  For religion.  For one's health.  For finances.  For fixing things we can't fathom yet.  For changing habits we cannot change now.

Like not spitting.**

*For more entertainment, be sure to read the waaaaay over-the-top society column on the left side of the Houndstooth Knickers article.  You're welcome.
**I don't HAVE a problem! 


Donna said...

We are coming to Mobile today (New Year's Day)- tell Mel to call if you are still there!

melanie said...

Hi Donna! We are in Mobile! I don't have your number b/c I got a new phone and lost all my old contacts. So either call my cell or my parents number! Would love to see you!