Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yakubu and Musings On the Salk Vaccine

O mighty [Cowboys]! dost thou lie so low?

Are all thy conquests, glories, triumphs, spoils,

Shrunk to this little measure? Fare thee well.

-Antony in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, Act III, Scene I
Beware the Vikes of March!
I was so rankled watching the 40 year-old Cheesechucker destroy Los Vaqueros that I had to take FMB out for a walk around the neighborhood where I couldn't do harm to myself or others. I searched for rusty razor blades, poisonous flora, pit bulls, unattended firearms and the like, but there were none to be found to make a sure end of me. So in retaliation, dear reader, I sit here typing up this post.

WAY Out In Left (Research) Field
The too-serious thought I had when rocking Yakubu* to sleep tonight: I prayed that he had some great thing in him. Not for himself alone, but so that mankind would be greater for his living. I suppose all megalomaniacal parents have these thoughts. Jonas Salk's
dad probably thought the same thing. Only I guess that time, he would've been dead on. Once again, I'm sure that I've submitted concrete evidence that I'm what the old folks used to call a dad gum fruitcake.

"That's Okay, That's Okay. I Make You Lamb."
We passed the evening at church and then Mr. Yakubu and I stuffed down some leftover pizza as the healthy-eating Majesty looked on with extreme disapproval. When he was done, he started throwing his blue plate (insert low-rent comedy here) on the tray in front of him. H.M. started yelling Opa! Because, y'know, when people are having a good time, and plates get thrown, it's the most appropriate thing in the world to say. And Jack started cracking up uncontrollably. Over and over again. About 40 times. This kid deserves some spanakopita and a slab of good quality feta, stat!

I Know Nuhsing-NUHSING!
I'm compelled to say that about 95% of the topics in my head are not suitable for this post. The more I write here, the less I feel I can share. Why is that? Is that some heretofore undiscovered Blogging Law?

*Official thanks to the crew's Favorite Nigerian for this (unorthodox and probably erroneous) rendering of "Jack."


Anonymous said...

Don't think you'll have to wait too long before you start seeing potentially great things outta this kid!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Nice video. My question is "Did the fingers go back to the mouth after they were both inserted in the nose?"

Jennifer said...

What a classic video! I loved it!

Melanie said...

yes, jennifer,
both fingers immediately went back in his mouth after sticking them in his nose! hey, it's "protein", right?!

Chelsea & Nick said...

I was clicking around (aka blogstalking) and came across your blog from a friend of a friend, I think. I love it! Defintiely one of the most clever blogs I've seen. And you have a beautiful family!!

El Comodoro said...

Hey thanks a bunch, C&N. And welcome! Tell your friends. Heck, tell your enemies (there's really no better revenge).

And blogstalking is about the best descriptive term I've heard in a while. Brava!