Monday, March 22, 2010


We Stand Alone Together
Majesty and Jack finally got themselves good and over to Port of Mobile this past week.  So I was stuck, completely unsupervised, with First Mate Belle, that daft animal I love best of all God's creatures.  There wasn't much to do, other than counting her speckles (2,027) and watching the dishwater in the sink slowly ferment into an alcoholic beverage.

Oh, and I did what dads normally do when they're on their own:  watch Band of Brothers* from start to finish.    I got the hankering to rewatch BoB after seeing the first (freebie) episode of The Pacific, which was superb, by the way.

FMB hated every single minute, and stared at me with disgust in those big bloodshot eyes.  OK, so I did have the firefights cranked up so loud that the gunfire was pretty much acoustically accurate.  A "hunting dog" should be fine with that, right?

If you don't know, BoB follows a crack paratrooper unit from their training, through D-Day on to the end of WWII.  Don't tune me out, here, chicas.  This is not some mindless dude flick.  If you're an American... heck, if you're human, you must watch this, if you've somehow missed it.

You will bawl like a little girl, but watch you must.

The CO through most of the film, Maj. Richard Winters, one of our time's genuine heroes, says (as many must have in those days) that he wrote in his journal at the close of D-Day that if he somehow made it through the war, he would find a little farm somewhere and live the rest of his life in peace.

In peace.  That's how I, and probably you, live in every day.  My biggest annoyance at this precise moment is wondering how long my jeans and shirt will take to dry from the babypee I was just soaked in (needed a wetsuit - long story).  I am often unaware of just how ungrateful I am for simply living in peace.  And I'm often ungrateful to those that bought me that luxury at such a steep price.  To my shame I realize I've ignored the living and dead that afforded me my ease.

A spiritual analogy is easy to make here; an exponentially more important sacrifice is just as easily forgotten, I'm sorry to say.

Two Thumbs Down, Way Down
[UH OH!], Jack's figuring out that he has an opinion.  On everything.  Word on the street is that when H.M. slapped Robin Hood into HMS Tahoe's reel-to-reel, she hears, [NO NO, MAMA!  NO, NO!].  Translation:  "Mother, I shan't watch this driveling outlaw film again.  Take it away, it displeases me.  Bring forth in haste The Books of the Jungle, ye blackguards!"

Don't really know what he's got against anthropomorphic foxes, specifically, but The Jungle Book [BAH BAH BAH] and Mary Poppins [POP PAH] won out, cold.

At Sea
I post the picture above simply to annoy [BUH BUH].  Shouldda brought that Braves' cap, Beebee.  Oh, and behold the Cap'n's brand new sunshades.  The dude looks like a Zero pilot in Walter Matthau's hat.  And these last two I post to show you how to kick back.  You jam on the piano, there are Mardi Gras beads involved, you get the idea.
*I am well aware that it's almost 10 years old, thanks.  The Godfather was released in March of 1972.  So what?  Favorites are favorites.


BB said...

First, I see astounding resemblance between Capt. Jack and his Mother Dearest. Sorry if I'm stepping on toes...I do that to my own Son-in-law as well in saying all the Ayers children have my cheeks.
Secondly, I did check the site you mentioned on Deus Nos Conjuxit. Marky's construction was clearly a lion's gate, etc. You were correct. Those of us with no boy children experience have no idea what these species come up with or do. We just see a "mess" and "the boxes are now out of order".
Whether Donna is here or not, I want to meet Jack at least by your next visit to Mobile. You'll like me. I'm a lot like Vicki, only with a different color hair. And that can change at any minute.

Melanie said...

Jack will definitely like "the other BB". I seem to remember she does the best monkey call I've ever heard in my life! We will get you two introduced ASAP!

El Comodoro said...

Man, BBs are coming out of the woodwork. They're EVERYWHERE!

We're finding that who you think Jack looks like is geographically correlated. Alabama = Melanie. Texas = Moi.

I'm Switzerland on this one.

Jennifer Reinsch said...

I'm completely enjoying Jack's "do" in the piano picture, and when did he find time in his busy schedule to attend Mardi Gras?

Cindy Deister said...

Perhaps if you put Nacho Libre in the SUV DVD, you won't hear any complaints. At least that's how it is over here. Let us know if you need to borrow it...