Monday, May 17, 2010

The Die Is Cast

'Proofing, Part Deux
I'm a creature of habit.  I hate change.  Nah, hate is too strong a word; I dislike change.  It rankles me.  This week, I'm definitely rankled.  Happy, contented, excited?  Yes, yes,  and yes, but also rankled.

  I'm still in complete amazement as to how the previous owners never felt the need for a pool fence, or pretty much anything else in the way of keeping little hands out of things.  Get this.  They told their daughter she'd have to go to the pediatrician and "get a shot" if she ever touched the water.  She bought it.

I, however, have spent the week babyproofing the new casa, trying to stay one short step ahead of Jack and his destructive mania.  Ever the opportunistic criminal creative lad, he paces his proverbial cage looking for a single weakness to exploit.  But now we're mostly fastened, snapped, locked, and gated into complete safety.  Until the next time.

Alea Iacta Est
After all my work I found it particularly amusing that I witnessed the following in the church nursery we visited Sunday (we visited the whole church as well, mind you... oh, forget it):
  1. A styrofoam cup of steaming hot coffee 2 inches from the edge of a counter
  2. Completely open electrical outlets
  3. Multiple open purses and bags left on the floor, replete with ballpoint pens and car keys (see #2 above)
  4. Too few legitimate toys to thwart evil plans focus wayward attention (see #2 and #3 above)
Jack is going to run through that place like a white-hot knife through butter.*  I shudder at the possibilities.  I didn't even look in the cabinets, but no doubt that's where they're keeping the hydrochloric acid and blasting caps.

The Effectual Fervent Prayer
We're definitely missing our old church environs.

I'd imagine that to the unchurched, as they say, moving congregations might sound about as significant as swapping country clubs.  They both have G0D (or golf), right?  No big deal.  But we've found this change to be the most significant one, and the most difficult.  It was easy to leave the 'hood or to take a great job.  But finding a new church is proving far, far more wrenching.  Pray for us, please.

I'll Take That In My Office
As we're unpacking this week, Jack finds an old power cord for an ancient PC monitor (think glorified Etch A Sketch), and uses the power block as a phone.  Nothing new there - Jack does this routine probably a hundred times a day.  He runs through the call-list of family members as we look on [HAAAH, PAH PAH!].  Again, nothing new.  So he gets down to Mrs. Aunt-In-Law Emily's name.  That rascal grabs the faux phone and drags it into his room... and shuts the door behind him.  As we watch the closed door with the cord running under it, we hear a little voice say:


*I hope they have their insurance premiums paid up.  No, really.


Anonymous said...

Prayers are going up.

Cindy Deister said...

Why change churches? We drive 40 minutes to go to Memorial. We tried changing churches once and gave it our BEST, but ended up realizing that Memorial is our home. As it is yours.

El Comodoro said...

Cindy, you may well be right.
We did the 45 minute church commute thing for 3+ years in Dallas. It wasn’t fun, but the church was wonderful and it was doable without chilrun. But sometimes we’d be sitting on I-35 at a dead stop, and have to U-turn at the next exit; no church that night.

The other big thing we noticed about that kind of arrangement was the impossibility of meeting up with (church) friends on, say, a Tuesday night. And we were far less close to people that we really wanted to be close to. I would have KILLED to live next door to Mr. Uncle Ryan, a frequent commenter here.

Anyway, 40 minutes one-way puts the kibosh on relationships. And church is about relationships. I’m guessing you live near many folks that go to MCOC. We, sadly, don’t have that luxury.

For now, at least, we’re committed to making New Church work, primarily because it’s our “local” congregation.

Everyone else, what does your church commute look like? Where would you draw the line?