Monday, May 24, 2010

Viktor Frankl and Captain Nekkid

"Naked is when you haven't got any clothes on.  Nekkid is when you don't have any clothes on and you're up to no good." -Beebee

It was hot this weekend.  I mean, Spring is cooked.  Done.  Over.  Gone.  And I worked my petoot off in our operational staging area and command center garage.  But Jack and I finally hopped in the pool on Sunday afternoon for a nice, cool little swim (the salt really does a number on her crown and scepter, so Majesty just watched and took the pictures that I forgot to download).

Everyone drys off and Jack is whisked away for a bath and a change of clothes.  I heard later that while I was trimming our 2'x2' square of sickly grass with a straight razor and a chalk line, H.M. ran Jack's bath and let him romp around in his skin like a wild animal on the Serengeti.

Now, listen, some of you with normal, human children could get away with that sort of thing.  But regular readers of this here weblog won't be shocked that there was yet another scatological surprise on the upstairs office floor.

Question.  Is it really a surprise if you're not surprised?  I think it's my fault for putting all the luggage in storage.  I guess he couldn't find a suitcase that he liked.  Good thing the carpet's brown.  Right.

On Sunday we hit Oh Please Please We Really Need This to Work Out New Church again.  And this is NOT a comment on or slap at any other church or preacher or teacher anywhere.  Hear that.  But I'm not exaggerating when I say that we witnessed what I consider to be the finest Bible class AND sermon that I have ever heard.  Not kidding.  We were blown away.  After the country boy leading Bible class quoted from Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning as he held the paperback in his hand, and told us about the events surrounding the murders of five missionaries to the Waodani tribe in 1956, it occurred to me:

These people are thinkers.  And I like that.  I like that a lot.


Cindy Deister said...

If he can follow three directions at one time, for instance, "Take the toy to your room, put it in the toy box, and bring Daddy a book to read to you," then he MIGHT be ready for the throne. Yes, that throne.

Jennifer Reinsch said...

While we HATE to lose you guys, I am so glad that church at the "visiting church" went well.

Anonymous said...


Donna said...

How wonderful to have a pool in this heat!!! So glad Jack is such a free spirit- he is going to losen you guys right up. I am with you on finding a LOCAL congregation- we used to live a good drive from our home church and it was not a "real" community if we could only see them on Sunday. Be where you are. Surely God will meet you where you are- and it sounds like you've found the place!