Monday, June 21, 2010

WARNING! Graphic (Pink) Images

I heard one time that the guys running the show at Alcatraz discovered that when they painted a violent criminal's cell "Baker pink", it seemed to calm the prisoner down, which was a very desirable effect.  There was only one problem.  Years later they found that long-term exposure to that particular shade of pink caused insanity.  True story.

So check out the promised pics of the horrific stenciled pinkness my poor son has been living in for six weeks.  I hesitate to even post these, for fear that some misguided soul might inflict it upon some hapless child.  Behold, ye dogs!

Yes, that's a feather boa.  Yes, it's black.  Yes, the ceiling is pink.  Yes, this is the ceiling I stuck my leg through previously, on CJMP ("Lord... bid me come unto thee on the sheetrock!").  And after 5 dudes with sandpaper, less-than-hideous paint, a heat gun, and joint compound finish up, you get something like this:

See, nothing flashy, and (gasp!) no fleurs or diamonds or glitter of any sort.  Or black.  No black, either.  Or silver.  Or striping.  None of that.  Something tells me it's been a very long time since this room of ill repute has been fit for a little boy.  It now stands ready to be scrawled on with a Sharpie.


Jennifer Reinsch said...

What? You got rid of the boa?

El Comodoro said...

Yep. I run a strict boa-free domicile. Why? You in the market?

Donna said...

Whoa- big difference. From Burbon Street to Pottery Barn. Very cute shade of blue!

El Comodoro said...

Thanks. Was the same color we used for his room at Home Port 2.0. "Kid tested, mother approved."