Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Zoo Station

Yikes. I just saw a guy calculate, measure, mark, and KLANGGG! an empty net, nail-in-the-coffin shot off the post in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Gosh, I miss hockey.

I'm doing something that's not really a big deal to most of you. I'm sitting in my bed watching that darn teevee. We somehow inherited a (color!) teevee from the previous owners. My guess is they couldn't fathom how to get the thing off the wall. But anyway, it's in our bedroom. Not a decision we would have made ourselves, but there it hangs.

But I could get used to this. And I have by some random button-push gotten myself over to Sleepless in Seattle. Good thing I watched my preferred bloodsport beforehand, or they'd probably yank m' Man Card. Again I say, yikes.

Look, I'm foggily coming off a three-whole-day-long-weekend, my inherited A/C drain line decided it would be an opportune time to clog and flood my kitchen ceiling and a bunch of walls, and I'm surrounded by dehumidifiers and radial fans and sheetrock that looks like aged Swiss. And we went to the zoo today with our good buds Mike and Meredith (everyone just about melted). And it's late. Pictures. I need pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and sorry about the wet stuff. The zoo is fun especially with some buddies to sweat with you !!!