Monday, July 19, 2010

I'll Take Onomatopoeia for $800

I caught a cold last night that tore through my throat like a belt sander.  My white cells are holed up with muskets and powderhorns like Texicans in the Alamo.  Anyway, I feel cruddy, to use the scientific term, so a thousand apologies for poor blog quality, and being more nitwit than wit.

Jack's gotten to be quite the little bookworm lately, and he's starting to complete short sentences, replete with the adjectives and prepositions that transform caveman talk into legitimate English.  In one of the books I listed last week, A Good Day, you can flip to a certain page and Jack will blurt "Little Brown squirrel dropped her nut."  I mean, it's DITTA BOW THURR DOP HA NAT but it's every bit as intelligible as his dad's pinesappy drawl.

But where he really enjoys himself is in short words that have long since lost their comedic effect on grownups.  Like, well, bonk.  Bonk is a funny word, people.  Try it.  Go ahead, I'll wait.  See?  And even jump.  Jump is funny to say and also fun to do.  So when a book like Ten In the Bed comes along, Jack goes into hysterics.  Every page ends with onomatopoeia when somebody falls out of the bed, like OOF!  and PLOP! and BOING! and BUMP!  (It's like reading a script from a 1960s Batman episode.)

And he'll say compact little sentences, like PU AHN DADDEEZ HAT.  Which is pretty cool.  It's mindblowing when a baby starts talking at all.  And it's incredible when they start calling you DAHDAH or MAHMAH on sight.  So it follows that we're really struck when Jack concocts little phrases and sentences that show what's bubbling in that little head.  He's catching on, and quickly.  Like when he sneezed on Saturday.  I know, I know.  Monumental.  And I said my usual, "Bless you."  He counters with BLEH JAK! [Bless Jack!].  Right, kid, it's all about you.  He'll tell you when his molars are killing him TEEH HUR [teeth hurt].  Majesty was talking with someone last night about his penchant for climbing.  Jack overhears, looks over and says YAHDAH [ladder]!  H.M.'s summary to me later on:  "I think he knows too much."

We went up to see Grammy and Grandpa in Fruitvale on Friday.  We got up Saturday morning and Jack went berserk running around there in the dewy grass.  When he was good and soaked, he (naturally) headed for the dirt.  It was like watching Tuco running through the cemetery in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

By the time we went in the house, he looked looked like chicken breaded up for frying.

All I got.  My bad.  Try your luck next week.

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Anonymous said...

Not good having power tools in the throat. And little people do have a way of communicating what the need to! Who was it that said 'you spend the kid's 1st 2 years teaching him to sit up and talk and the next 16 telling him to sit down and shut up'? Never liked that. I like progression in the right place!!