Monday, July 12, 2010

Recommended Reading

It seems every clown out there has a recommended book list.  Oprah's got one, right?  That crazy dude that raps about pants on the ground probably does, too.  And hey, why not us?

So Majesty suggested that we list our favorite children's books here on CJMP.  That sounds like a great idea for several reasons, the first being that we can record in the annals of history the blog exactly what Jack was reading and roughly when he was reading it.  Because that somehow seems like information worth having when we're doddering around with canes and walkers and frayed cardigans in the summertime.  Reading.  Okay, he's being read to.  Semantics.  This also it provides me with content when I'm fresh out.  Behold, ye blackguards!

Majesty's Book List, in no particular order (may include my snarky commentary):
•    Dr. Seuss:  One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, The Cat in the Hat, I Can Read with My Eyes Shut!, and Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! (Basically anything Theo Geisel ever wrote is overwhelmingly approved by our illustrious Cap'n.)
•    Silent Night - A Pageant of Light books (Bible + Tiny Electric Lights + Sound = Surefire Winner.  And not just for Christmastime, either.)
•    Sheep in a Jeep by Nancy Shaw (Even MY "E" sounds were improved by reeeeeeeading this.)
•    A Good Day by Kevin Henkes (You know, it WAS a good day after all.  Who knew?)
•    Jamberry by Bruce Degen  (Stuff starts going all wobbly 1967 about halfway through.  I reckon that bear is on something hallucinogenic.  Zoomberry?  SHROOMberry!)
•    Various nursery rhyme books illustrated by a Ms. Wendy Straw (these are the big, floppy, glossy books with great pictures that reprint famous nursery rhymes and songs)
•    Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, now replaced by Goodnight Gorilla by Peggy Rathman (Go read this article about a fascinating example of cultural revisionism in Goodnight Moon, and its very interesting Wikipedia entry, complete with royalty intrigue.)
•    Barnyard Dance and all the Sandra Boynton books (Ms. Boynton is an unparalleled genius and probably a billionaire judging from the amount of our family net worth already allocated to her publisher.)
•    Windows to Color, a Baby Einstein book (The Pretty Boring Book:  What it has in "pretty" it readily exceeds in "boring."  Alright, it does have an awesome Degas  and a good Van Gogh in there.)
•    Ten in the Bed by Penny Dale is Jack's current #1 favorite (and is a yuk-fest of epic proportions for the little guy.)
•    Bear Snores On by avowed hippie Karma Wilson and Karma's only Republican friend Jane Chapman (The Parental Units' current #1 fav.)
Feel free to submit your own favorites.

If you have a good bit of time, go read this rather depressing article about the degree of modern parental angst.  It goes about 2,000 words long, raises approximately 4,027 (unanswered) questions, and makes me genuinely fearful of our societal, and personal, maturityI believe the article also delves into shocking new research linking marathon running with blisters and weight loss.  (Hat tip April H.)

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Love all those books especially some Barnyard Dance!!