Monday, August 23, 2010

The Cee-ment Pond Problem

Good grief, has it been another week already?  Sheesh.

My parents came down for a visit this weekend, and it was nice to see them, as always.  And Jack's activity level was supernatural, as usual.  With the grownups sitting around the table, it all looked like those time-lapse videos where people and dogs and squirrels run lightning-fast near a static park bench.  It was exhausting just watching the kid skim imaginary debris off the tile floor.  Yeah, so I incautiously let him watch me skim off the cee-ment pond and voila:  Copycat Pool Dude.

Majesty decreed, and rightly I think, that Jack should witness me doing more mainstream, sportsy-type dad activities.  So I spent a solid half hour trimming muscadine vines off of the inherited basketball goal in the back driveway.  Okay, waitaminit.  I can actually hear you snickering.  Yes, me shooting a roundball will be hilarious.  And yes, it's only a matter of time before I attempt to flip pucks up into the hoop.

I'm also strategerizing on how to install a putting green on my top balcony.  You think I'm kidding.

I read an article today about time, and just how much of it we're all wasting.  Which is ironic, seeing as how this blogging thing is a huge giant massive big big big enormous timewaste.  I choose to rationalize around the obvious conclusion.  Anyway, check this blurb out:
The authors of Discretionary Time write about the concept of "time poverty": "We all know about the working poor, people whose wages are so low that they cannot escape poverty even by working full-time.  There are also people who manage to avoid being 'money poor' only by making themselves 'time poor' -- that is, working terribly long hours."
And this one:
...the researchers argue that time is better than money as an indicator of success. [emphasis mine]*
By that measure, I told HM this morning, I have arrived.

No, really.  I think I have.  If that's the true measure of prosperity or success, then I've never had more time to spend with my family.  And I'm incredibly grateful for that.  And shocked, too.  And grateful.  Did I say grateful?  Because I am.  But contented?  Well, that's tougher.

I'm also hopelessly uncreative when it comes to whiling away those newfound hours in a fun, productive, memorable, good-dad way.  And so the kicker is exactly what to do with time, once you're fortunate enough to reclaim it.

*Zimmerman, Mike "How to Live Better on 24 Hours A Day." Men's Health Sept 2010:  140-141


Jennifer said...

I have to say, you're blogging is not a waste of time. Jack will love having your words with him one day, no matter how trivial.

Also, it just amazes me how much you and Stephen are alike in some ways...

El Comodoro said...

Thanks for that. And speaking of, I need to have CJMP's first 2 years (!) bound. Y'know, so Teenage Jack can use the book to level his guitar amp.

And SBH and I probably couldn't escape The Big Salt without at least some similarities...

Anonymous said...

El Comodoro,
It's Gentry. I need your email address. We've converted our computers at work and I lost ALL of my contacts. Every stinking last one of them.