Monday, September 27, 2010


The missus and I just sit around sometimes, watching, stupefied by Yakubu's antics.

It's like appreciating opera.  You fight through the language barrier, and in onion-layers, the meaning gradually dawns on you.  I kid you not, we saw this played out in our kitchen yesterday: 
JMW:  (At our bathroom door)  PEETUW!  PEETUW! 
Audience:  Peter.  Who do you know named Peter?  (We shrug at each other.)
JMW:  (Runs to Laundry Room door, stage left)  NAH NAHK NAH NAHK! 
Audience:  Knock knock.  Okay, Peter knocks.  Got it. 
JMW:  (Runs to Bathroom door, stage right) DOOWH! 
Audience:  Door.  Yeah, that's a door, Jack. 
JMW:  (Runs frantically back to laundry door) PEETUW AT DOOWH!  OUTSHIDE!  OUTSHIDE!  PEETUW OUTSHIDE!  (Runs back to bathroom, peering under the door)
Audience:  Peter's at the door?  Peter's outside?  Peter's at the door outside?
JMW:  (At laundry again)  PEETUW!
Audience:   Waitaminute.  Oh that Peter!  I think he means the Peter.  Ah.  Didn't they do the story about Rhoda and Peter in Bible class?
JMW: (Runs into other room)  EEHYODAH!  PEETUW AT DOOWH!  OUTSHIDE!
Audience: Was that "Rhoda?"  I think he just said Rhoda.  Wow.
So with zero prompting from us, we get a Toddlerpiece Theater vignette from Acts 12.  Not bad.  It's amazing what happens when The Dude actually happily goes (and more importantly, stays) in Sunday School without clinging to HM's leg like a strawberry Fruit Roll-Up.  That's personal growth, people.

  • Majesty points to a pumpkin on this month's mag from a certain lovable and cuddly inside trader, expecting Jack to name the gourd.  His response?  "MATAH STEWAT."
  • After Jack bashes my leg with a pint-sized chair I get all over him, barking, "Oww!  Don't do THAT!"  He stands, head down, eyes up, and softly says, "SOWWY."  I felt about thiiiiiiis big.
  • Jack notices that "MOMMY HAHR ESS WET."  Feeling his own (dry) hair, says, "DAHK HAHR ESS HOT."  Hot.  Right.
  •  When Alabama runs, regardless of ball carrier, we hear:  ENDAHM!  [Mark Ingram].  When it's a pass play, regardless of receiver, we hear:   HOOEEYO!  [Julio Jones].


Jennifer said...

Excellent. I kind of wish you had filmed the vignette. I need a story illustration for Sunday

Anonymous said...

Awesome--and the Rhoda story was LAST week? STayed in that little racing head that long! Impressive. Sometimes I can't remember what I had for lunch by the time I put my plate in the dishwasher!Fun week.

El Comodoro said...

Extremely difficult to do, but I'll try during the next show.

The Observer Effect is definitely in play, here. The performance is OVER as soon as he sees any kind of camera...