Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Flashing Back to My Flashback of a Flashback
See the sun rise over her skin / Don't change it
See the sun rise over her skin / Dawn changes everything, everything
And the delta sun burns bright and violet
I'm inexplicably tied to music somehow.  I can't sing worth a lick, and don't play an instrument other than air guitar.  But songs stick in my head forever, firmly attached to a time and place.  Remembering the details of personal milestones is difficult for me... unless they're linked to music.  And so when I was walking myself in this morning, antisocially sporting one of Mr. Jobs' iWhatevers, a song flipped past that I listened to darn near every morning during my first internship at a credit card company and subprime lender (Hah!  How evil and corrupt do I sound now?!) in a 1998 version of Las Colinas.
Mississippi and the cotton wool heat / Sixty-six, a highway speaks
Of deserts dry / Of cool green valleys
Gold and silver veins / Of the shining cities
It's Heartland, from U2's 1988 Rattle and Hum.  That album continues U2's fixation on American music begun the previous year with The Joshua Tree.  There's a hopefulness in both albums that perhaps only foreigners would appreciate and quantify.  Anyway, when I hear Heartland, I'm suddenly driving the 82 miles one-way (I counted) to that first office job.  And I feel as green and young as in those days, where the morning wind whipped through my car.  And behind some still very wet ears.

To my surprise, I'm fielding questions lately about how someone might break into my particular industry.  I cringe.  It's completely accurate to say, "I'm doing what I'm doing by the grace and good pleasure of G0D Almighty.  That's it."  But that comes over as hackneyed, trite.  It's less than helpful to the asker.  But how to explain the path that led you here?  It's like the leaf telling precisely how it was carried downstream.

Family, Sass and Developmental Magic
Another thing that continues to stump me is what I expected (expect?) from Jack.  Meaning, what exactly did I expect him to do but grow and change and learn and... backtalk? 

Majesty tells him to do or not do something or other this weekend.  Can't recall what it was.  Both of us then hear clearly:
That's right, sports fans, the sassing is now underway.  Play ball.  I blame that one squarely on H.M. because it's not a phrase I'm likely to use.  Bit too finger snappy for me.  What we should have done at that point is to lay down the law.  What we did do is laugh hysterically.

I didn't expect it.  Logically, of course, I did, eventually.  But the JackBaby becoming someone that pops off sass (and in complete sentences, too) is quite jarring for an amateur parent.  He's been a constant presence in our lives for a while now, but he's not been too vocal about it.  His thoughts becoming words are him becoming a person.  And it is magical to watch.

Oh, Emu's My FAVORITE!
Yeah, so one of my projects this weekend was digging up some (comically brief) video footage and pictures from our Methuselah of a PC hard drive.  Hope you like it.  I had more video, but alas, persnickety Blogger has put the kibosh on that, refusing to upload anything else.

We did our second annual visit to the petting zoo/playground/pumpkin patch with Teams Reynolds and McIntosh.  So when you see various farm creatures, that's what's going down.  Final tally:  1 cow kissed (really), 3 rabbits violently patted, 1 pony rode, 2 sheep chased.

Legal Disclaimer:  No animals were harmed (We think.  Okay, the rabbits might still be traumatized).  Results not typical.  Manufactured in a plant that processes peanuts.


Jennifer said...

He is just precious and so grown up since the last time we saw y'all!

Donna said...

So precious- I love how little kids run with their hands down using belly propulsion. Love the family pic- a new header perhaps? I know it doesn't have FMB and Jack isn't a smiley as usual- but it's a great pic!