Monday, November 29, 2010

Twissmus Twees, Skype and Le Croupier

This week, Jack's been fighting the croup hammer and tong.  So as the name suggests, he's been dealing out immunological virulence like bad blackjack hands.  Majesty's got it, or got something-er-other that's similar.  I ALONE have escaped solely by denial.  If you don't admit sickness, voila! you're not sick.  It's mind over Kleenex, people.

We were going to host my parents with a big spread at our house, but Jack woke on Thanksgiving Day in pretty bad shape and we had to cancel.  His (frighteningly awesome) pediatrician happened to be on call, so we eagerly paid the 50 bucks for the privilege of nagging her on a national holiday and were able to skip an emergency room visit.  Chalk that up as another thing I'm thankful for.

But we trotted out the Big Brined Bird anyway, along with Thai Sweet Taters, Death By Cranberry Sauce and some Crack Cocaine Disguised as Giblet Gravy.  The Pie That Almost Ended Our Marriage brought up the rear.

The day after, and not one second before, the Twissmus Twee went up.  Jack was completely bored by the whole ornament-hanging thing.  Ah well, maybe next year.  He did enjoy strolling behind the tree when the grownups weren't watching, trying (I think) to illuminate himself in the spare 120v light socket.  We had to move the much discussed kitchen to make room for the aging fauxenbaum, so maybe he was just looking for his coffee pot.  Who knows.

We finally got a laptop that didn't use a small furry animal on a wheel as a power source, and the thing has a webcam.  And miracle of miracles, my son is now on Skype.  Amazing.

Okay, dad's gotta run.  Enjoy the week, everybody.


Anonymous said...

Yea for Skype although the angle it shows SOME people is not flattering.

Donna said...

I want a post on wether or not Skype is awesome enough to fool with for grandparents. And I cannot believe you have a pediatrician who acknowledged your existence on Thanksgiving- I have spent Christmas Eve talking to an answering service, then to a tired angry nurse and then onto the ER hours later. I like your plan better.

El Comodoro said...

Skype is a wonder, plain and simple. If you've got the various tech boxes checked (i.e. a PEEYOOTUR with a webcam) it's pretty much brainless/painless.

Takes about 2 minutes to sign up, it's free, and depending on everybody's relative acumen, you can be chatting it up in seconds.

It's commonplace to most folks now, but to me this is about the most futuristic thing I've ever participated in. Reminds me of some 80s TV show when they would open up an aluminum briefcase and talk with a guy with an eyepatch on it.