Friday, February 11, 2011

A Bathroom Attendant? or This Joint's Classy

"Jack, I Am Your Father!"
I don't typically watch a lot of that darn color teevee set.  That's all fine and good if you want to burn some IQ points on decidedly unreal "reality" TV and projectile vomit inducing tripe that features a guy winnowing a harem of enthusiastic strumpets to do that.  It's America, after all.  Anyway, when you laugh at something and say, "That's just like that commercial!" I have pretty much no idea what you're talking about.

I even skipped most of the Superduperbowl this year.  I had it on tape delay (Ha.  Tape delay.  That's what we dinosaurs call Tivo.  And Tivo's what we call DVR, because DVR sounds too much like VCR, which would make us sound, you know, like, old.  Where was I?)  So I stopped myself about midway through the first quarter and wondered exactly what dog I had in this fight.  So I switched it off and went to bed.  Because, to me, sleep is a pretty valuable commodity.

But, because of the awesomeness that is YouTube, I didn't even have to watch.  Monday morning, I see the Volkswagen:  The Force ad posted online everywhere.  You've already seen it, I'm lame for reposting it, but I care not, ye dogs.  Behold!

Mark ye well also the "Making of" video, which was almost better:

If this isn't direct video footage from Jack's future, I don't know what is.

Even More Awkward Than That Attendant Guy
One of my favorite parts of parenting is the completely ridiculous, bizarre situations kids introduce.  Today, when I went home to have lunch with the family (one of the innumerable benefits of working at Greener Pastures Cap), I had finished up with eating and decided to hit the loo before I left.  Jack just strolls in there with his [GEETAUWR] and declares, "I CAN'T SING SOME SONGS!"

Did I mention that he waltzes in when I'm kinda in flagrante dilecto?  Yeah.  The conversation goes from there.  "You can't?  Well, what's a song that you can sing?"  He says he can sing Jesus Loves Me.  "Great," I say.  I'll bet Anna Bartlett Warner and William Bradbury never planned on that.

I'm being serenaded by a twopointfive year old, busking with a guitar, singing a hymn, while peeing.  Right.  Should I tip him like that dude in the swanky restaurant's john?

He proceeds in belting out Jesus Loves Me, and gets to nearly the end when he abruptly stops, giggles, and says in a quiet little voice:

"Tee tee."

At least the attendant dude keeps the commentary to himself.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that Jack didn't ditch preschool to film the Volkswagen commercial??? This kid sure has his moves!

El Comodoro said...

At this point, anything's possible.