Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blue Skies, Rainbows and Lumberjacks

In a little boy's mind, how in the world does a dilapidated old Honda trump two trees being sawn down in your front yard?  How?  It makes less than zero sense.

First, I have a new least-favorite animal.  Before now, the mosquito has been enshrined at #1.  But, at least for now, the little vampires have been bumped to the #2 spot.  I mean, sure, mosquitoes swarm me like determined ER nurses (syringes at the ready), and one time they literally ran me out of a restaurant in Mexico, but they've never, to my knowledge, really cost me serious dough.

But oh, Dendroctonus frontalis has.  Probably zillions of southern pine beetles ate up every  treasury note in my wallet two of the 962 pine trees around the house.  So I headed over to the casita yesterday for lunch again, and the tree guys were in full swing, with Jack and Majesty looking on.  And I mean that swinging part, because one of the dudes was hanging about 60 feet up, roped in with a climbing belt and tree spikes.

I looked over at H.M. and just said, "I'm glad I sit at a desk."

Like I said, Jack, who got himself all sick and croupy again, was out there watching all the climbing, chainsawing, trees falling, and pretty much all the supreme raging coolness that lumberjacking has to offer.  'Cause it does.  Guys can watch huge trees crashing to the ground all day long.  It's magnetic.

Which doesn't explain Jack running over to my [BWACK CAHW!] and demanding to be let in.  I try to redirect, but he's having none of that.  We climb inside, roped-in, fearless bro still sawing in midair.  The Buttonpusher pushes all the buttons he can push and turns all the knobs he can turn, and then raids the glovebox glove compartment.  Whatever.  He fishes out my [BIDH.  YEWWOAH.  FWASHWITE] and starts belting out Blue Skies and Rainbows.  Saws are whining, trees are falling, and Jack is bigtime praising his Lord in a parked car with a flashlight/microphone.

I just don't know anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Some things just have to be done, like when you see that big yellow flashlight you just have to come out with a chorus of 'Blueskies and Rainbows'--dude swinging in the tree just adds to th party.