Friday, March 18, 2011

Fairy Castles, Mr. Jones, and KI Tablets

Fun With Site Meter
I have many questions today.  Not that all of them are important.  I'm also wordy.  Be ye warned.  There's no telling where this one will go.  Deep breath.

That Site Meter thingy, for anyone that has a blog, is a pretty darn interesting little timewaste tool.  Who religiously reads CJMP in Boise, ID?  Or Pine Lake, GA?  Panama City, FL?  Denver?  I know exactly zero people in all those places.  Don't get me wrong, I love (the lack of humidity in) Denver.  It's like being ON ANOTHER PLANET, humidity-wise.  Had a great time in Boise, years back.  We spent as much company dough as we realistically could at Milford's Fish House.  Anyway, welcome, all you endearingly lovable complete strangers, you.  I guess you ran dry of unhinged dad bloggers locally?  Well, heck, come right on in.

Site Meter's also handy for picking up search terms that people use to find your slice of The Internets.  I happened to post back on November 1st, 2009.  Well, Blogger's labeling convention is year first, then month, followed by day.  So the 1st of November would yield "2009-11-01."  And Blogger sometimes sticks "archive" on the end of post htmls.  You would not BELIEVE how many folks from the... er, Dar al-Islam arrive here, on this very infidel's kid's blog, via the search term "9-11-01 ARCHIVE".  Boy, that's fun to think about, isn't it?

"Hello... Newman. Dallas."
We took a quick weekend trip up to visit our ex-city to meet my parents at the Dallas Arboretum.  I think their harsh winter took a bit more of a toll on the plants this year, but all in all a good visit and a nice day for all of us to sit and talk and eat sandwiches under the budding trees.  And the fairly tale castles.  There were those.  We knew nothing of this beforehand, but the chipper vol that welcomed us pointed out to me where the fairy castles were located.  I could only reply with, "Oh excellent.  Those are for me."

After we got a demon-possessed, absolutely stark-raving-green-bananas-insane Jack to sleep for his nap, two hours late...  Okay, gotta tell you about that:  Biting himself, cackling hysterically, screaming, making animal noises, running in place, waving his arms wildly...  I was about 2 minutes from calling in an airstrike on my own position.  Majesty was ready to lovingly strangle him.  I tried to recall the 'sleeper' hold that the old-school 'rasslers did.  Anyway, after that fiasco, we went off to have dinner with an assortment of my long lost cousins.  Actually I'm probably the long lost cousin, here.  Semantics.  By dinner's end, the whole table was helping Jack endlessly circle an embarrassingly long, magnetically-connected train around the table.  One (anonymous) cousin-in-law had more fun with the trains than Jack did.  I'll try to post pics of that - I got some really incriminating ones.

Next morning we got up and had the best waitress ever at Le Peep.  High fived Jack because of his eyes, she said.  The eyes he was mercilessly using to put the moves just all over her.  She didn't stand a chance.  This gal even put in his order early... Parents:  How many times have you had waitstaff do that?  It's genius.  Sure, H.M. and I are hungry.  But if Dude's happy, then the grown folks are way happy.  Genius, I say.

Here's Money for Pizza and Potassium Iodide Tablets
Jack's very best babysitter has gone and got herself in Japan.  Right.  The earthquaked, volcanoed, sunamied, partially radioactive Japan.  Everybody remember to include not only our extremely important, selfish vested interest, but the region and people as a whole on your prayer list.

On St. Patrick's day three years ago, we found out our boy was exactly that:  a boy.  Dead serious, here - he presented himself in all of his nekkid glory on the sonogram, fully reclined, legs extended and crossed, one hand behind his head.  I asked the tech if she could see a martini in the other hand.  Sláinte, me boyo, Sláinte.

Quick Hits
  • Jack told Majesty the other day, "I have Belle's ball!"  He did, but nobody's talked about the ball being The Fuzz's, the LORD rest her, in many, many months.  Best memory ever.
  • A Long December by Counting Crows came on the truck radio the other day.  Jack immediately pipes up:  "It's like Mr. Jones!"  It's amazing us how he can pick up, even now, songs by the same artists heard in different contexts.
  • Jack tee teed in the potty the other day for the first time.  It' was more of a dribble, but hey, victories are victories.  We're not potty training, this is more of just an effort to derail him peeing everywhere as soon as he hits his bathwater.

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