Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Zero. Zip. Nada.

We're all going stir crazy. Well, me to a lesser extent since they let me out of the house regularly to go earn that daily bread stuff.  Jack did his time with a virus (see last week for gory introduction) and the World's Longest Fever (that's 5 days, if you're scoring along at home).  The franco-medical word pretty much describes it:  malaise.  The kid was laid up on the sofa all week watching whatever talkie Majesty was charitable enough to pop in.

So a steady diet of ice cream, The Jungle Book, Popsicles, Tom & Jerry, Children's Motrin, and Sesame Street eventually got him through.  Hey now, don't sweat the ice cream and Popsicles.  That was, no kidding, the doctor's prescription from The Tigress.  Calories, people.  That's all we were concerned with.  I would have fed him rendered hog fat if he would've eaten it.  Mmmm.  Hog fat.  Uh, where was I?

Oh yeah.  Nowhere.

The F5 Tornado of Thought is angrily whirling with lots of diverse topics lately:  Sir Thomas More, the federal budget, classical education, and how to get the blasted ants out of my tomato vines.  But I for darn sure know you don't want to hear about any of those.  Really, it's okay, I understand.  And even if you did, I can barely muster enough coherence to chat about them.

That's what pushing four months without coffee will get you, folks.  I'm your cautionary tale.  Quitting is for quitters!  Swirl that in with a very pleasant spring, a very peaceful life (at least currently), and you get nada in terms of blogging ideas.

I've got a couple of Storytimes bubbling.  Maybe they can entertain you people.

Apart from those, we're pretty much at the point where we go to the phones.  Topic requests, anyone?

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J & J said...

Jack is getting so big- he is precious!