Monday, May 9, 2011

Like, Catching Up and Stuff

Catch up week.  I was too busy spouting off about car washes that I neglected to update anyone and everyone about much else.  Other, like, important stuff and stuff.  Okay, you got me.  I have virtually nothing in my Brown Paper Sack of Blogging today.  Sue me, dude (or dudine, as applicable).  Oh, yeah, there was the zoo last week.  But I heard about that secondhand.

Mr. Leopard, This Is Your Wake Up Call
At the zoo, H.M. tells me that Aaron's trike was a big hit because of the little bell on it.  Majesty was explaining to the sprogs that the leopard was sleeping, but you could see him if you searched for his spots.  Jack (a.k.a. "tricycle hog"), was sitting on Aaron's ride and says, "It's okay, I wake him up!  DING!!!!  *rings the trike bell*.

Today's Vocabulary Word:  Condescension
In other domestic news, Jack's started talking to Elmo like we talk to him (Jack).  Did I mention that we have an Elmo that has buttons, zippers, shoelaces, and whatnot, ostensibly to teach young'uns how to get dressed?  I think it's an elaborate plot for him to look sloppy and panhandle for change on the corner of Sesame Street and Alphabet.  But that's my problem.  Anyway, Jack talks to him in that unmistakable, benevolently condescending check-this-out-I'm-exploiting-a-teachable-moment-here parental tone, and asks him, "Elmo, do you hear that music?"  or "Do you like that music, Elmo?" or "Elmo, can you clap your hands?"

I guess it really is true.  Pretty much anyone on earth is qualified to do this parenting gig.  That stings a little bit.

"Happy Mommy Days, Mommy."
"Mommy Days" (Mother's Day 2011, in Jack parlance) went fairly well, and was a success all around.  Or else The MommyTM is too polite to tell us what she really thought.  But she usually speaks her mind - I just heard a collective gasp of disbelief out there - so we probably did okay.  That is, until next time, when we have another golden opportunity to blow it.  fritter away marital capital.  show our undying appreciation.  And stuff.

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