Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Hear the Train A Comin'

I'm way, way behind in getting some pictures and videos posted.  Sorry.  I really hope we can capture some of the sprog's latest antics in digital glory.  He's been pretty hysterical of late.

What's up with us, you ask?  Not a whole heckuva lot.  Summer in Houston has arrived, and the weirdish, hippy SoCal Spring we were having is long gone (As are the sit ins, peace demonstrations and tye dye).  Now it's just dead hot and nasty.  I try to do what I'm going to do outside either before the sun is up, or well after it's down.  Like vampires.  Vampires with lawn care businesses.

Bebe and Poppa decided to pop over for a visit since Majesty re-sprained her ankle at church a week back.  The redux was incredibly convenient, let me tell you.  Anyway, they (Bebe, Poppa and Jack) all had a blast over at The Children's Museum - a pretty slick place to hang out if you're in the business of being entertained.  Or in the biz of having your kid major-league diverted for a coupla hours.

Let's see... what else?  Oh, Jack is investigating his, uh, carry-on luggage capabilities.  So we let him string beads on pipe cleaners and shoelaces to improve those motor skill things.  The beads are, as it happens, about one nostril wide.  He started fussing a bit during the bead stringing exercise one night last week.  No one saw anything.  We asked him straight out if he had shoved one, y'know, up north somewhere.  He denied everything.  We looked (trust, but verify) but could see nothing.

Next morning, a hanky finally exposed his fib:  Kleenex, meet orange bead.  Right.

Musically, The Dude's on a pretty resilient Johnny Cash kick but alternates with Soldiers of Christ Arise and Send the Light.  Hey, Johnny was steeped in gospel, too.

And I kid you not, one day last weekend I hear "I HEAW THE TWAIN A TUMMIN', IT'S WOLLIN' WOUND THE BEND..."  and he proceeds to belt out, strumming his guitar, a medley of Folsom Prison Blues, Long Black Veil, and Oasis/Ryan Adam's Wonderwall.

I believe they call that "musical versatility."


Anonymous said...

that kiddo has the beginnings of quite an ecclectic musical palette. I have to admit that my kiddos have lately been enjoying a dose of my new guilty pleasure when I've had a rough day at work. Thats right... thumping mexican tuba bass runs and screaming mexican horns and words being sung that I have NO clue what they are saying... but dang it feels good! My boys get in the family auto and request 991 on the radio dial. yes sir... 3 caucasians rocking out to the best mariachi Dallas radio has to offer. Windows down, sunroof open, Bose speakers blaring, wife scrunching down in the seat as to not be noticed... I love it. they love it. all is good and right in the world. tubas and horns my new happy place! I think we all kinda like that el wifo is very annoyed by it too...

El Comodoro said...

Dude. This is completly awesome. I LOVE musica de banda, too. Because sometimes, gringo tunes don't cut it.

But one major drawback to tejano, at least for me, is that I get incredibly hungry as I listen.

I'm like Pavlov's Chihuahua.