Monday, June 6, 2011

Reversion to the Mean

Not much time for writing these days, folks.  Our annual meeting is this week, and they're continuing to haze me by letting me give a brief presentation.  You know the secret of giving a really fantastic, engaging talk on an esoteric subject nobody could give two beans about?

Yeah, me neither.

So the family's back!  Jack is about 18 inches taller than when I last saw him in person.  Dunked a basketball right over me.  It was sick.

Right after they get back, and after several tries, I finally get the water wings/swimmy thingamajigs on him.  We swam yesterday until I was waaaaay past pruney.  I was almost raisiny.  I threw The Lead Baby up in the air a zillion times, him splashing everything withing a 10 mile radius and laughing uncontrollably.  He was churning water with those little legs pumping like crazy.  He would screech with joy and then plow toward our pool fountains like a semi truck driving through the water.

Majesty is still really playing up her "injury" limping around on her crutches and all.  Yesterday she was sitting there propped up on two kitchen chairs, icing the bum ankle.  She made some comment about how she was just taking it easy, not being demanding about anything.  This is the familiar "I'm a good patient" speech that absolutely everyone gives at some time or other.  Y'know, whether it happens to be true or not.

I had just filled Jack up on another sippy cup of pomegranate juice cut with water.  H.M. says, "I'd like some, too."  No problem.  After almost reaching for another sippy cup... I start filling her (non-sippy) cup up with juice.  "That enough?" I ask.  "No, I usually do a little bit more."  "How much more?"  "Oh, I don't know, just a little bit."

More juice goes in.  "No, no, that's way too much!"  Naturally, I drink down an inch of juice (as she crinkles her eyes at me).  What?  No, really, what?  I'm not throwing it down the drain - pom juice is like $10,000 an ounce.  It's got gold leaf in it, I think.

And I top the cup off with water, just like she likes it.

And everything is normal again.  Mostly.

Majesty reminded me last night that the best part of this was Jack sneaking over while nobody noticed, drinking all of her juice, anyway.  Resistance is futile.

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