Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No News Is Boring News

I've been over here in Texas batching it and watching the plants on the patio bake.  It's riveting.  I left Majesty and The Dude in Alabama.  Or put another way, I was expelled from the state without my family.  To earn that daily bread stuff.

So I'm running the usual playbook:  watching more TV than I've seen in probably the last 12 months combined, reading and rereading books, staying up too late, playing that rock and roll music too loud, and eating an arterially dangerous sequence of identical meals (chorizo, potato and egg tacos).  The whole place smells strongly of coffee, cumin and fresh tortillas.

I hate when the family is out of town.  When I've got some huge fixerupper project going, it's tolerable.  Being both busy - and then incredibly tired - is a great antidote for the quiet of an empty house.  But with no projects to speak of, and 110+ degree heat indices, I'm starting to feel like a dog locked up in the hall bathroom.  At least there's Skype.  Thank goodness for that.

I think Majestad is going to come home to some scratched up baseboards and chewed chairlegs.

Tick tock.


Melanie said...

Hey Everyone, Don't feel too bad for El Comodoro. He was horseback riding in Oregon today with temps around 68 degrees. That is why the birthday boy and I are still in Alabama (and Jack has a beautiful new baby cousin to get to know!)

El Comodoro said...

You can't prove a word of that.