Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Novennial

Nine years, or about one quarter of my life ago today, I was married to the ever wonderful and beautiful Majesty.  And so for the years since we made it legal, we've been trying to make it good.  And that ain't always easy, folks.

The good part comes slowly in little things, in fits and starts.  You make glacial progress toward it.  Oddly, growth happens when you decide to grow up.  When you realize that things don't revolve around you and your ease.  Am I there yet?  Nah, not by a longshot.  But maybe on the day of our 18th Anniversary, G0d willing, I'll be closer than I am now.

Anyway, as I keep pointing out, never has a more painfully average man snagged himself a better woman.  I'm glad you're here to share this little slice of the universe, babe.

Now to figure out the logistics behind getting a pregnant girl an illicit shipment of sushi...


Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary

Melanie said...

happy anniversary to you baby! 99 years would not be enough time with you- you are awesome!

Donna said...

Happy Anniversary to a precious couple!