Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Man About Town

This looks like the movie poster from The Big Chill
Let's discuss The Dude's new ride.  I get this text at work from Majesty that says, "I don't think I'm getting out of Wal-Mart without this."  Attached to the text was a picture of a cheeseball smile (attached to my son), atop a Radio Flyer scooter looking thing.  "Just do it," was my canned Nike slogan  reply.

As I've observed before, success in parenting sometimes hinges on picking your battles.  And there was absolutely nothing to be gained by Majestad dying on this particular hill.  Who wants to be buried on "Scooter Hill," anyway?  That sounds lame.  You wait for a "Fire Breathing Dragon Hill" or "Extremely Unwise But Principled Stand Hill."  That's where you dig your foxhole and go down in a blaze of glory.  But Scooter Hill?  Not so much.

H.M. is still pretty green around the gills, but out of the nausea and the haze of pregnesia came a whopper of a great idea.  We drove over to that Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Thingy for a free concert one night.  The Houston Symphony folks were performing a Brahms violin concerto paired with a selection from Dvořák.  We scored some Chipotle and took it up to the huge ribbon of lawn above the 'spensive seats and had a nice picnic.  It was great.  The heat had broken a bit, and a breeze made it just abominably enjoyable.  It occurred to me that there's no more beautiful music than classical.  You can certainly prefer other music, but it's just not as beautiful in the er, classical sense, if you read me.

I don't know what Jack liked best:  the quesadilla, the phenom soloist just sawing away mercilessly on his violin, or running at the edge of control down the steep grade of the lawn.  I think it was the running.  He finished up the night by crashing spectacularly, smashing his mouth into his sippycup as he hit the ground like a meteorite.  He was unhurt.  At least, he was laughing before, during and afterward, so we didn't ask questions.

Norah's birthday party was this week.  She got a pink Flintstone car.  Guess who rode in it?  Everyone but Norah (sorry about that, Norah - owe you one).  She took on a massive cupcake to the delight of the adults present, but she didn't really want much of it herself.  But my son was there close by to vulture what she fed him.  Yeah, so Jack co-opted that intensely personal family moment...  again, sorry 'bout that, Norah.

And once again, I am "that guy."  The irresponsible parent guy.  Thanks a bunch, Jack.

I guess the most consequential thing about this week was telling Jack about Julio.  Have I mentioned that our codename for this baby is Julio?  Even though Majesty is sure it's a girl?  I don't even ask anymore.  And yes, it's in honor of Julio Jones.  Hey, it was better than using his real name:  "Quintorris Lopez Jones" just didn't have the right ring to it.  I've been further confusing things by calling her(?) HOOL-ee-ya.

Whatever.  We'll know what flavor we're getting next week,  the Lord willing.  If I'm sweating and pale, you'll know I'm trying to work out the financing behind a ridiculously huge wedding.  If I'm looking awfully relaxed, then I'm just springing for barbeque in our back yard or something.

Oh, back to telling Jack.  We do have this on video (which I don't have with me, natch).  Jack kept asking, "Where is it?" as he looked down H.M.'s shirt for the baby.


He is now busy with listing off stuff the baby would need:  toys, a bed, a blanket.  He also thinks the baby is a girl, but I'm not entirely sure Majestad didn't coach him into supporting her position.

What does the baby need?  Right now I'd say a heap of good luck.  Can you imagine crash landing into this family?  The kid has zero chance at a normal life.  Zero.


Jennifer said...

I hope your post the video of telling J. And I think Julio is a fine name if you guys so choose to stick with it regardless of male or female. And dare I say it, but I think the Norah/Jack picture might one day come in handy at a wedding slide show when she once again feeds him cake.

El Comodoro said...

Re: Jack and Norah, that's exactly what everyone else at the party said. I looked at [Norah's Dad the Attorney] and said, "That prenup is going to be HUGE."