Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Tinkerjack Strikes Back

Only have time for a short note this week.

Jack keeps on developing new nicknames for himself.  Naturally, he wants to remain anonymous to protect himself from reprisals from the folks that run this joint.  Like, well, us.  This week's noms de guerre were inspired by Peter Pan:  "Jack Pan," "Captain Jack" (knew that one might show itself someday) and my personal favorite... Tinkerjack.

The swordfighting schtick from Pan is pretty funny these days - Jack er, Jack Pan shrieks out "Dis time you've gone too fahwh!" as we duel furiously with red and blue plastic golf clubs (note club pic below).  Luke and Vader, eat your hearts out.  If it means anything to you, The Sprog insists on wielding the red lightsaber golf club sword.  Coincidence?  Methinks not.

 This one demands a little explanation.  The babyproofing in the house is now almost totally compromised.  Even the single cylinder deadbolt I put in a week or two back probably won't withstand the Named Storm and his drill.  And yes, that is my three year old using fake powertools to gain access to dangerous chemicals.

Beatles.  Seatbelts.

Coming soon to an alphabet near you.
Oh yeah.  Majesty heard Jack calling "Julio" on the phone this week.  The "phone" these days is usually the hose sprayer on the kitchen faucet that looks surprisingly like a early 20th century phone earpiece.  Thank you for that, Mary Poppins.  Anyway, H.M. wasn't able to hear much of the conversation.  "It sounded big," she said.

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