Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I promised Majesty a more serious post this week.  I said my thoughts were still very scattered and unorganized about this whole new baby DURL thing.  They still are, to the point of being unintelligible.  But I have this week's post to er, post and you people evidently have some spare time to burn.  So we're stuck in this thing together, aren't we?

The events of the past few months have made me realize a few things.  For instance, that I enjoy the slow surprise of it all.  You never know all at one time how your life will turn out.  You get glimpses, clues, and sometimes, like last week, definitive information that colors and changes your understanding of what your future can be.  I very much like how life unfolds one square at a time, like a great big topographical map.  We see a bit more of what's ahead of us on each sunlit square.  Some places you've been to already, but most you can only imagine.

And that's the really jarring part of finding out you're going to be a parent again.  And of being told what flavor the kid is, or any really big news you hear.  I'm suddenly (G0d willing) not going to be the parent of an only child.  We're going to have a few, now (again, G0d willing).  And that's a very different future image to project in one's mind.

Is any of this making sense?

Let's have another try.  Leonardo da Vinci is said to have toted the Mona Lisa around with him for years.  He reportedly tinkered with the portrait off and on, and lamented in later life that he never finished it (or really any of his other works, for that matter).

We all have an image of ourselves.  And the 'big' events of life (and sometimes even the small ones) shape that image.  It's being updated and adjusted continually.  Maybe it's just a brushstroke here or there.  But there's really no way to predict exactly what will change over time, or how the portrait might look afterwards.  Furthermore, I believe that different artists can be at work on that image concurrently:  we ourselves, our friends and family, our circumstances, our enemies, and even - hopefully - God, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  As you might imagine, some artists do a better job than others.

Anyway, I'm delighted by the reshaping of that image of ourselves.

Another obvious point this brings up is that it's a very good thing that life reveals itself slowly because we generally have time to cope with the changes, good or bad.

So I turn now to coping with a tiny little girl that doesn't kick too much, seems to sleep all the time, and loves classical music to an inordinate degree.  Really.  Isn't fazed by sugary stuff, very cold things her mother might drink, or my voice.  She kicks for classical.

The chiquitita is refined.  Dude, that bodes ill for all us yokels.

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bebe said...

Times like this make our minds race!