Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mr. Photogenic Strikes Again

My favorite random conversation of the week (compliments of my Cajunette dentista):

E.C.:  "So how're things?"
Cajunette Dentista:  "Ah, y'know, good.  The fight against decay never ends."

Boy, isn't that the truth.  I guess one of my presents this year is a nice new shiny white back tooth.  The Cajunette yanked the 25 year old filling, which had enough mercury in it to, well, actually be Mercury.  Looked like the bumper off a '59 Chrysler Imperial.

The most enjoyable development from past few weeks has been Jack's willingness to sing.  I know, I know, he always does that.  But now he's singing with us.  And with the radio.  And with CDs.  Like, loud.  In public.  We hear him pipe up in church and I usually crack up laughing.  It's so awesome.  And I mean that not making fun, but in a celebratory sense.  It just flips my pancake when he joins in.  Gets most of the words right, too.  Fake it 'til you make it, dude.

I'm staying busy ordering a frightening assortment of trum-tookers, sloo-slunkers, blum-blookers and hoo-whunkers and all sorts of other Christmas paraphernalia that arrives at our doorstep in a steady stream.  I keep saying this every year, but the very super bestest part of Christmas is experiencing it alongside a child.  Inexplicably, Christmas fell off my radar for several years.  Yeah it was fun, but I enjoyed it primarily for the time off from my sweatshop of a former job.  And that's not quite the point.

Enough.  Let's look at more pictures.  These are hot off the press, so enjoy.


bebe said...

Double-Wow! this guy is GOOD with a camera. By the way, LOVED the 'driving' picture!! All of these capture the personality of the llittle guy!

Jennifer said...

First of all, WOW, those are all great pictures, but I have to say my two favorite are of him driving and reading (well, and I love the guitar one, too). Face it, they are all great. You know, since his singing has picked up, he could go ahead and record an album since you have a few good "cover shots" now available. I mean, shouldn't the boy help with his own portion of the mortgage?