Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hiccups with A Side of Desitin

If we can deal with the wallpaper, then you can.
Just had my entire (finished) post deleted.  I hate Blogger.  Hate it.  With a fiery, hateful hate.  Nor will it let me upload pictures.  Maybe later.  When it's not being an idiot.

I was told to pass along bigtime thanks to everybody involved in The Huge Box of Goodies from Mobile.  About 35 relatives got together and shipped us every imaginable article of clothing for the little one.  I think we just give out the vibe "THESE PEOPLE NEED SERIOUS HELP" to everybody.  Comes in handy.

After everything was opened and awed and cooed over and neatly folded, Jack looked around and said "I [fink] Caroline likes pink."  Could be on to something there, champ.

Random fact:  We've discovered Jack thinks meat thermometers are used to cool things off.  It's difficult to disabuse somebody of that kind of notion.

Misery Index Update:  Majestad informs me that it's hard enough to breathe when one is waddling around at 37 weeks prego, but it's pure misery to have a sinus infection on top of that.  Just FYI.

Apparently, Princess Caroline is a strong little thing (I know, how long did you figure I could go before using that one?) .  If Majesty spends any time on her side, resting her arm on her stomach, Caroline can stretch out enough to lift H.M.'s arm up for several seconds.  Protein powder.  That's what it is.

We feel kinda bad for the little Girlity Girl, as she gets the hiccups every single night at bedtime.  It's more difficult to get a spoonful of crunchy sugar to a baby in utero than you might think.  Or to make them hold their breath.  Or scare them witless.  The paper bag thing is right out.  They're entirely safe from parental harassment.  For now.  FOR NOW, BABY.

Rollercoasters.  A rollercoaster.  I'll work on that.

On a completely unrelated note, has anyone had any experience - and particularly success - in getting large quantities of Desitin out of carpet?

I'm asking for a friend of mine.


Donna said...

Need a post of baby girl! Bring Princess Caroline to the high seas (although you can no longer fight pastel colors)!

El Comodoro said...

Patience. I should have you guest blog the whole thing...