Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Describing the Scene from Right to Left

Little blue jeans with a red waistband lay crumpled near the doorway.  Little blue jeans that were in the dresser about an hour ago.  The little blue shorts with the white stripe that were not in the dresser about an hour ago are nowhere to be seen.

The recently flushed potty doesn't look quite clean.  The box of baby wipes on top of it is wide open (the Florox Assault Wipes canister next to them remains, mercifully, closed).  Toys in various states of disrepair are strewn across the tile floor.

The plastic step stool has been upended.

A little boy - who shall remain nameless - crouches on the counter next to the sink.  His hand appears to be reaching for the faucet, but is dead still now, extended motionless in the air.  The little boy is not wearing pants.  He's not wearing much of anything really, besides a green striped shirt.

On the opposite bank of Sink Lake, a (well-used) baby wipe has made its way onto the countertop.  Even more toys and detritus litter both the counter and the floor below.

The little boy has been frozen since I showed up.  His mouth is still open, with this barely-almost-kinda-there smile just starting to show.  He says, as if responding to a serious, but unsaid, question:

"I don't need a spanking."

Which brings me to El Comodoro's Parenting Maxim #462:  Uncontrollable laughter is incompatible with administering punishment.


bebe said...

I will laugh all day over this!!!

Roxanne said...

The number of times that our parental intent has been sideswiped by the guffawing laughter is too many to count. It's shameful, really it is, but it's amazing how quickly they can undo the discipline--not all the time--but some of the time.